Best Canon Camera With Flip Screen 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Best canon camera with flip screen

best canon camera with flip screenCameras are important especially in this 21st century where there are so many events to attend. From graduation ceremonies to Thanksgiving, birthday celebration, house warming, promotion party etc. Another wonderful thing you already know about canon camera with flip screen is its ability to capture moments and make you happy when you go back to those memories.


Memories do fade but there are some few things that have been designed by technology to keep them from fading and put smiles on your faces. The camera is a priceless possession and if you must know, camping and even hiking can be boring without taking snap shots of you and your friend.

Cameras aren’t only for taking snap shots. They are perfect for vlogging. If you’re a YouTuber or you’re aspiring to be a vlogger then you need to have a quality camera. They are incredible for shooting any kind of video you want in your own convenience. Camera differs, some are built in a complicated form while others are simpler and their screen can easily be maneuvered to suit your desired purpose.


Cameras are lovely but not all cameras can give you the sleek photography or video you clamor for. Canon products are the next big thing in the tech world. The Canon phones are known for their quality photography and videos. Now the great news is, Canon products does extend to camera. Canon camera are amazing and sleek in design. Not only that, they are quite affordable.

They are known for their creative photography. It has amazing photographic effects that you could apply to your image either before you take the shots or afterwards. Now with these cool features, you could create your own art collection with your photos. It has about 16 shooting modes such that you can take pictures under different situations like you could take pictures under-water with the camera mode.

With this camera, you can expect no blurs! Even if you do not have a professional or steady hand to take the picture, you don’t have to worry because this Canon camera has an image stabilisation that stabilizes and eliminates photo blur.

Another thing to note is that it is user friendly. It’s quite easy to operate. Even for a beginner or one who is just aspiring to be a professional photographer, you can totally get a Canon.

We have been able to compile 10 amazing Canon camera with flip screen to give you the best experience you can ever get


1. Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II( best value)

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II

Top notch professional level, quality photographs with this camera is one of the best experience you should have. It has unique megapixel that helps deliver fabulous photos with no blur, it also has powerful censor that helps capture a high resolution image . It also has zoom lenses just in case you want to zoom in on ban object or person. With its top notch video quality, you could as well, get full HD video clips combined with audio. It has powerful features that gives you high quality results.


It features an integrated WiFi, with this WiFi on you can connect to and even transfer your images hitch free. This model comes with amazing value bundles. These bundles include 11 items that indirectly turns you into a professional photographer in no time.

Another amazing thing to note is its 20.1 megapixel censor. With this top notch megapixel, you can expect to have thrilling photos and videos, crystal clear with no sign of bubbles. It has a very high level of sharpness with less noise while shooting.

It features also a 64 gigabyte capacity. This should be something you must be interested in because everyone virtually wants a device that could handle large capacity. And this model promises to hold beyond your imagination with a top class memory card, your mind has no need to process on the storage space for a long time.

You must be scared about battery. Well this model is set to surprise you with its awesome specs. It has a NB-13L battery. It’s a strong battery that would keep you relax for a long time as well. It comes with its own battery charger and its own wrist strap.


  • Delivers professional image
  • Has flexible tripod
  • Comes with camera starter kit
  • Comes with its own cleaning cloth, neck strap, carrying case and belt loop.



2. Canon EOS Rebel SL2 DSLR Camera

There’s is absolutely nothing to dislike about this camera. Great for beginners, awesome for professionals. It offers you a hitch free moment with snap shots. With this canon dslr with a flip screen you could safely carry out your audio exercise as well as your video exercise. It has a sharp focus and can capture almost anything giving you no blurs. It is fast, easy to hold, has an amazing flip screen that could be tilted either way.


You should totally create your own vlog with this model. If you have this model then you can safely carry out your vlogging dream. It records smoothly with full HD quality. Everyone wants a high definition photograph or video. It has a built in microphone! I think that’s amazing. This built in microphone offers you a great way to capture your moments without the need for an external microphone although there exist a port available for external microphone if need be.

Another amazing feature is its wireless connectivity. In this world of no wires! Kidding, anyone would give anything to get a device that would give them no stress and this model is one that comes with no stress at all. With its WiFi connection, you can easily access WiFi connection to easily transfer your videos or photos. It has an NFC as well as a bluetooth connectivity all built in to give you lots of options to connect your smartphone an transfer photos.

It features a very vital part of a camera called an optical viewfinder. Worth this feature, it will help compose all your photos taken on sunny areas.  With this feature you can use it to also capture dramatic moments with its autofocus.


  • Has an amazingly Sharp photo quality with a camera megapixel at 24.2
  • It’s fast
  • Built in WiFi
  • Built in microphone


  • No belt loop


3. Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless Vlogging Camera kit

Another vlogging camera to top your game. If you have been using a less quality camera, it high time you threw that away and sign up for a new Canon mirror less vlogging camera kit. I love the fact that this model would provide you with a stress free video process, giving you top notch video quality and offering you a smooth and no bumpy ride all through the video session. Simply taking snap shots with no video involved isn’t left behind. You could totally take a snap chat an expect an HD quality photos.


It features a 24.1 megapixel giving you the best snapshots you can ever imagine. It features a dual pixel autofocus. Which gives a clear focus to any image you decide to focus on. With this model, you can have the whole of life and moments captured because it best interprets sceneries and environment with its quality HD.

This model features an amazing wireless connectivity. It has an in built NFC and Bluetooth embedded in it and let’s you connect your smartphone to it and transfer your images stress free.

Its video quality is rated 4k UHD that is, ultra high definition. That means it gives your video a beautiful look adorned with a cinematic feature. You can shoot in full HD or you could do a slow motion effect whichever way you want.


  • High image quality
  • Quality battery
  • Clear focus
  • Amazing flip screen.
  • Has brilliant interchangeable lens options


  • No strap loop


4. Canon VIXIA mini x (Most Portable)

Canon VIXIA mini x canon camera with flip screen

Not everyone wants a camera that is much of a burden. Everyone wants something they can quite handle without feeling it’s too much of a weight. It’s amazing Canon has unveiled one of its awesome products to suit your desired preference. So you need a mini Canon camera, something portable? Then Canon has made it almost too easy with this model. It’s quite portable and very well affordable just the way you like it.


It features an amazing package with two batteries, two tripod and a 64 gigabyte capacity SD card. Asides  from that, it is inexpensive that means it is totally affordable for anyone.

It gives you the best of photography experience with its quality video and photos mode, it features a digital camera and a carrying case as well. This flip screen camera also comes with its own cleaning kit which is awesome!

It records above 1920p video plus it provides a full HD sensor and an advanced zoom range just the way you want it. It features different camera modes that lets you capture image fast or in slow motion.


  • Inexpensive
  • Portable




5. Canon EOS 6D Mark II(Best Cinematic Camera)

Canon EOS 6D Mark II

Canon EOS although quite expensive but totally worth it, is one of the Canon series you should totally get. It features a very powerful HD video quality. With its flip camera making it easy to shoot from any angle; backwards, frontwards or even sideways. The camera is outstanding in every sense, its mode of operation to its apt features giving you a hitch free shooting exercise.


This Canon model is also an amazing model. No body wants a device that has no long battery shell life. Now this model uses a standard battery power pack and once it’s low on battery, you’d need to charge it with its own charger.

It features an amazing 26.2 megapixel. A kind of Sensor that allows for quality photos and HD videos. It features compatible lenses which includes dual pixel . It features a touchscreen camera, this is obviously one feature that gets you excited. This feature have been built to intuitively aid your operation.


  • Easy to operate
  • Has compatible lenses
  • Can tilt screen to any angle


  • It’s not weather resistant.


6. Canon EOS Rebel T5i/700D

Canon EOS Rebel T5i best canon camera for flip screen

Totally perfect for travel bloggers who like take snapshots, YouTubers, vloggers  and also beginners like you who are looking to start a new career in photography or those who are looking to have a perfect camera for their blog series then this is a perfect fit for you. With this HD movie shooter, you can attain any height in quality videos covering or photography as you wish because it offers you amazing features and sharp focus to leave your photos with no blur.


You can be sure of getting a full HD video from this model.  It offer a brilliant technology that adds some significant view to your video making. The Servo AF feature delivers a sharp focus even when you aren’t sure of taking a shot.

It has a built-in autofocus feature. The camera has an intelligent feature that gives your camera the perfect focus, thereby achieving a more consistent focus on moving objects.

It features a touch screen LCD monitor with a multi touch technology. You know the only places you can find touch screens are on phones, laptops, tablets and iPad. However camera models like this have joined the trend. It delivers a smooth operation with ease with its touch screen option. Also features a technology that enables you to compose images from any angle. So you can decide to tilt the flip camera backwards, forwards or even sideways just as you desire making it easy to shoot from any angle.


  • Lovable touch screen
  • Comes with neck strap
  • Big, bright screen.
  • Amazing lenses and can take sharp pictures.
  • Quite affordable.



7. Canon EOS 70D

Canon EOS 70D

Take pictures like a pro? Shoot video like pro? Well you can totally do that only if you have this camera model. Canon eos 70d has sleek designed features that makes it completely easy for you to handle and operate. It is totally adjustable as well as it is detachable. It comes with a neck strap making it easy to carry on your neck. This device is a top notch canon camera with the flip screen when it’s time for video covering or even take pictures. It has lovely camera modes that can blend into any time of the day including the night time.


This game changing camera features dual pixels that enables you capture images from across a wide area/range. In fact do you know that before you shoot in your preferred camera mode/effect, it can be previewed to ensure it is what you want and give you more control as soon as you begin to cover.

It has great EF lenses that are highly compatible with the camera. These camera lenses can be expanded to creatively suit your desired range while shooting videos or taking snap shots.

It has a highly defined wireless connectivity. This sophisticated wireless connection is finely built to aid ease while using the camera. Now the camera’s shutter speed, ISO, shutter etc, can be operated wirelessly. Just how is that possible? It can be operated via wireless connectivity via and Android smartphone or iOS using your Canon EOS remote app. Amazing but complicated right? Well it’s not because if you have the EOS remote app installed in your smartphone, then you can decide to shoot from a distance and you can even review images or videos on your camera without even taking your camera out of its bag!


  • Highly efficient
  • Smooth focus, captures moment effectively.
  • Comes with carrying bag


  • A bit complicated


8. Canon EOS M6

Canon EOS M6

This is your go to camera when it comes to photographing or even video covering. It’s highly effective and powerful enough to cover to any range and shoot. It’s resultant effect is its HD photos and videos leaving them with no blur at all. This Canon series offers you a brilliant technology, an amazing camera starter kit that offers a beginner stability in photography.


Canon EOS M6 features an highly advanced tech which is equipped with dual pixel. This helps ensure that your photo and video results is sharp and easily helps you maintain focus just the way you prefer.

Comprises of a powerful 24.2 megapixel sensor. Now this is capable of capturing the moments you wants either a running athlete or a toddling toddler.

It has the full HD video which can be recorder at your own convienience in an MP4 format. The video is quite sleek when it comes out and quite detailed when you play on an HDTV

Features a wireless connectivity. Now this has been built into the camera. It also has a NFC built in connection which allows you to connect to any compatible device once you press the NFC button. It also has a bluetooth connectivity as well that helps you connect to your smartphone which allows you to access your photos.


  • Has a touch screen tilt type camera size.
  • It features five functional mode dials for fine-tuning ones image.
  • It’s affordable



9. Canon EOS 80D

Canon EOS 80D canon camera with flip screenThis virtually gives you your perfect shots without having to bother a professional photographer to help give you shots. It’s a perfect fit also for vlogging if you’ve got a thing for making videos then you’d need to have a quality tool to take you and give you a full HD video or photo. Surely you wouldn’t want your viewers get tired of watching less quality videos. Do you know that watching less quality videos disinterests a viewer normally? Now come to think of having an HD camera with amazing flip screen to give you a thrilling experience, you can be sure to get more viewers because of this camera quality.


Weather resistant! Completely durable and designed to resist any weather condition. With this camera you can decide to shoot under the sun or in the rain whichever one you find yourself just keep shooting your camera is completely safe. Which is one of the nice features that made this camera get listed in canon cameras with flip screen.

It has an excellent video kit that arms you with the professional capacity for making quality videos with awesome tools to make your vlogging a dream come true. You can pretty much use this camera anywhere, as it provides you speed while shooting, covers an impressive distance.

It also features a 24.2 megapixel sensor with dual pixel to enhance live shooting and awesome performances.

It features an amazing intelligent viewfinder. This feature provides a full view of your photo or any video you wish to cover.

It is remarkably quiet while shooting, and ensures smooth AF transition. It has an amazingly built in wireless connectivity that aids you in transferring your pictures and videos.


  • Highly effective lenses
  • Large storage capacity that could store at least full HD movies.


  • The range is poor
  • Poor low light performance


10. Canon PowerShot SX730

Canon PowerShot SX730

Canon powershot is one of the Canon series that potrays it’s name. Known for its fabulous strength, one of its salient feature is its mechanical power. It’s quite strong and durable enough to last long. You can shoot a video from any angle and you can be sure the video quality would be HD. You can take snap shots with this model and you can be sure it would come out sleek and smooth with no blur at all.


This Canon model is one of the unique camera models you would be glad to have. It features a powerful optical view. Now this isn’t just an ordinary zoom because it covers about 40x of the normal zoom from a camera. It has the ability to capture with no defect at all.

If you’re looking for a sleek pocket size camera, then this model is the right fit. It’s completely lightweight and can be carried around with little or no stress. So you can fit it in a pocket or hold it in your hand whichever one you choose.

It has a built-in wireless connectivity that allows for you to transfer pictures the way you want, making it one of the best canon camera with a flip screen. The unit features a Canon camera app with this connect app, you can connect your smartphone and view your videos or pictures. It also features a built in NFC technology 3 and a Bluetooth 1 connection.


  • It has a fabulous 20.3 megapixel Sensor
  • It’s pocket friendly




We have been able to list 10 best Canon camera with flip screen. You’d agree with me that cameras are quite fabulous. They can be used as birthday gifts to anyone. Even a toddler would love to see a camera at work. Above listed are top best Canon camera with flip screen you can choose from. If you’re in need of a camera that can cover moments while on a trip then I’d recommend  Canon EOS Rebel T5i/700D. It has the capacity plus it’s quite easy to operate.

If you want something small and portable one that is also pocket friendly, then I will advice you to go for  Canon PowerShot SX730. It’s quite small but extremely powerful to zoom in and take a snap shot no matter the distance.


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