Best RV Portable Waste Tanks 2020 – Buyers Guide

best portable rv waste tankYou need to know how important your RV waste tank is. You must be wondering what a waste tank means. Well, it is that piece of equipment that is in form of a tank right under your rig. Now the work of this tank is to hold the waste water from your toilet. You can’t possibly move the waste tank in your toilet with you on a trip or when you want to go camping. it’s important to know that there are portable RV waste tank specially designed for these trips to suit your comfort. So when you go tent camping, hiking etc.

You do not need to worry about the pit toilets in camps that might actually pose as  a threat to your health because RVing is much more convenient to move about. Of course you may want to keep your waste tank working properly so you wouldn’t have to worry about your waste.


First, everyone loves the idea of being comfortable instead of using rancid pit toilets. The comfort and privacy you get from using an RV toilet on board is one of the biggest advantages to having an RV.

Another reason is that a portable RV waste tank is quite affordable and extremely durable compared to the whole trouble you may have to face while traveling or camping without having necessary RV facilities. The trip or vacation may turn less comfortable when these vital waste tank is absent.

Also, there are lots of things that could cause you not to enjoy your travel or tent camps. One of the reasons is when you don’t get a quality  RV waste tank. There are varieties of waste tank designed for very same purpose but there are few that work best in terms of quality. In this article, we’ve been able to design 10 best portable RV waste tank to keep your trip memorable.


10 Best Rv Portable Waste Tanks

1. Tote-N-Stor 25608 Portable Waste Transport – 25 Gallon Capacity

tote-n-stor 25608

This waste tank has a touch of value and great quality in terms of construction. The Tote-N-Stor provides you with an added waste water storage to make your long stays enjoyable without moving your RV. The 25 gallon model had an added capacity that comes along with a convenient storage capacity for those basic fittings you can use to connect or drain your portable tank. Now these tanks can be used with both grey and black water holding tanks. The tank comes with a 36 inches drain hose, a tow bracket and a hose clamp.


Compared to other waste tanks, this product would hold waste fine for as long as you may wish to stay on your travel or camp trip. It holds a large but convenient storage capacity that would give you a hitch free vacation or camping.

It is capable of holding it’s weight down due to its sturdy wheels. And when you decide to tow it or move it about to your desired place, you can worry less about getting attention because it has quite wheels to keep them going and keep you focused without any fuss.


  • It has quiet rubber wheels.
  • It has a towing bracket which makes it easy to tote a full tank.


  • it’s very difficult to lift when full so be mindful if you have the intent to put this in your vehicle for transport.


2. Camco 39000 Rhino Heavy Duty 15 Gallon Portable RV Waste Holding Tank

camco 39000

Camco Rhino Heavy Duty 15 Gallon Portable Waste Holding tank has been constructed to durably fit into your comfort. It has an extremely designed UV stabilized HDPE that won’t leak or deteriorate when put out in the sun.

The unit has large, sturdy and heavy duty wheels  with bearing that makes it quite easy to transport the tow tank easily. It comprises of a ready to use kit accessories for cleaning effortlessly, maintaining and storing the tote tank when not in use.  The most amazing thing about this waste tank is its removable steel tow adapter that allows for you to easily roll the tote tank just as you would with a suitcase .


You know the kind of waste tank that leaves your mind completely at rest even while it’s under the sun, Camco Rhino waste tank would never deteriorate no matter the weather condition. It’s quite durable and quite easy to transport about like a suitcase.


  • It has sturdy and reliable transporting wheels.
  • The inside of the tank is smooth and sloped toward the drain hole making it easy to drain out easily.


  • It has no level indicator this it’s very hard to tell when it’s getting full.


3. Thetford SmartTote2 Portable RV Waste Tote Tank 18 Gallon

thetford smart tote2

This is totally a great choice for any waste tankers. Thetford’s innovative design brings you all you need to know about waste tanks. The portable tank delivers ease in use, convenience and ease in storage. It comes with patented hose handling, an autistic fill shut off to prevent further spills. It has been properly designed to handle your mess and give you zero worries.


It features a bayonet cap that prevents spills. All you need do is, simply pull out and connect to fill or empty it. It has a hose that can be neatly returned to its cradle unlike some waste tanks without a hose cradle.

Another amazing thing to note about this waste tank, is its autostop level guage. With this autostop level guage, it is easy to tell when the tank is filled to prevent a messy overfilling and so it automatically stops the flow when the tank is full.


  • It has an onboard water hose that provides easy clean out.
  • Easy to pull up when full.


  • Top cap tends to pop off on bumpy roads.


4. Barker (11104) Tote Tank – 5 to 39 Gallon Capacity

Baker 11104 tote tank

Baker waste tank has about 5 to 39 gallons capacity to suit your need. It is finely constructed and made from polyethylene and durable zinc plated steel brackets. it had extra large wheels designed specifically for heavy duty. It also comprises of a perfectly fitted bayonet fittings with a sturdy tow bracket and sewer hose for easy pull out.


It provides a sturdy, extra large wheels. Now these wheels are intended for heavy duty which means they are capable of holding down the waste camp no matter the weight.

A lot of people have reported that this product expands in the sun. Now in asmuch as it’s a durable product, you may want to be extremely careful with it when it comes to exposing it in the sun.


  • Completely durable to use
  • Sturdy tank, quite easy to maneuver.


  • It does not fully dump due to design.


5. Tote-N-Stor 25607 Portable Waste Transport – 15 Gallon Capacity

tote-n-stor 25607

Tote-N-Stor provides varieties of waste tanks with different holding capacities. If you want a less weighty waste tank when filled, then you can get this waste tank to suit your desired need. From it’s sleek constructed design, offering you the best of quality and durability to it’s portability allowing you for easy movement.


It offers you  a maximum holding capacity. Now with this 15 gallon model, you can be sure to get on your long road trip because it provides you with an added water storage for those stretchy days without you moving your RV.

Another feature you need to consider is that, it can be used in conjunction with both the grey and black water holding tanks. Also it came with a standard accessory of one hose clamp, a tow bracket and about 36 inches of 3 inches drain hose for your convenience.


  • Finely constructed to ease movement.
  • Has quiet rubber wheels and it’s quite easy to lift.


  • Cap pops open when not well tightened.


6. SmartTote2 Portable RV Waste Tote Tank (thetford 40505)


With a unique and sleek design, SmartTote2 has been made pirtable, designed to carry out the emptying of holding tanks without the need of driving the RV to the dumping station. Everyone wants a stress free life, SmartTote2 can give you that especially when you are camping.


The rugged 12 gallon capacity comes with two rugged rubber wheels to help in carrying it’s weight around and holding it down when needed. It comes with a built in handle and leaves you no stress to figure out how to handle it.

It comes with an amazing autostop TM level guage. Now this guage would help to both prevent overspills and ventilated the tote for a faster emptying process, quite easy!


  • This waste tote can be used with any RV type, right out of the box.


  • Now this product doesn’t come with a discharge hose.


7. Barker 25895 4-Wheeler Tote Tank

Barker 25895 4 wheeler tote tank

Specifically designed to work quietly and accommodate any sizes of RV. If you’re looking for a rolling tote tank then Baker’s got you. Its tow is equipped with durable 3 inch conventional waste valve for ease of use and for dependable performance. With this tote tank, you no longer need to lift your tote tank to empty it. All you need do is, open the 3″ waste valve.


It has capable and durable wheels with axle bearings to help in holding down, and moving your tote tank. These wheels also come with greaase fitting.

Also this tote tank are durably constructed from blow-molded polyethylene, zinc -plated steel and aluminum. It’s pneumatic front mounted double wheel swivel has been perfectly engineered for easy maneuvering and is mounted on a heavy duty.


  • Quiet, smooth rolling tote tank
  • 25 gallon capacity.


  • Sewer hose needs to be assembled.


8. Barker (27844) 4-Wheeler Tote Tank – 32 Gallon Capacity

barker 27844

Tote Tanks are wonderful to use but good tote Tanks are the best. For easy convenience and if you want to spend long days camping and you need a tote tank with a large capacity, then you can get this tote tank with a 32 gallon capacity. Don’t worry about the quality of the tank because it has been made from durable blow-molded polyethylene and quality zinc plated steel brackets all through. So you can worry less if about the state of your tank because it’s durable.


You can be sure of extra large, heavy duty wheels. Take your mind off weak wheels. You can be sure to get sturdy wheels for your tote tank. It has standard bayonet fittings included on this size.

It has a perfect tow bracket and a 5 inch sewer hose inclusive . All original tote alongs accessories come completely assembled.


  • Comprises of; All original Tote-Alongs come completely assembled 34 pounds empty Also includes 3/4 inch garden cap hose, 3 inch bayonet cap, two 3 inch hose adapters, two 3 inch stainless steel adjustable clamps, and 1/2 inch ID drain hose 30-Gallon Tank.
  • Great for camping


  • Expands when kept for too long in the sun


9. Thetford 40510 18 Gallon Waste Tank

Thetford 40510

Thetford’s Improved Smart Tote Portable Waste Tanks  is your premium portable waste tank that delivers the utmost ease of sanitation, storage and convenience. It has been innovatively designed to suit your preferences. Its durable design brings all together with patented hose handling. With this 18 gallon waste tank, you can decide to bring it up on your long trips or camping.


This premium portable waste tank, provides you with an Autostop fill shutoff to prevent spills. With this autostop fill, you can be sure to leave your mind at rest and be rest assured that it will let you know when it’s filled up. This tank, saves time, effort and even hassle.

It comes with a permastore hose handling and stowage self-storing sewer hose which stays connected at the bottom of the tank. The hose extends at about 5 feet. It comes with an onboard water hose which provides an easy clean out whenever you want to clean your waste tank.


  • It’s easy to handle while you lift, it requires no heavy lifting.
  • The guage is removable for easy cleaning/maintenance.


  • You may not get all the water out of the tank.


10. Class Customs Gallon Holding water tank

class a customs

Made with durable medium density polyethylene design to give your waste tank longetivity. It has been duely designed to be used for human waste or gray water. It has a seamless one piece construction with no seams to burst resistant corrosion, rust or stain.


It comes with a 40 gallon capacity to hold whatever you want. So you can decide not to take it out for as long as you want because it can be held for that long because of its capacity.

You need to know that it has a seamless construction with no seams to burst resistant stain, corrosion and rust resistant. If you’re worried about having corrosion on your waste tank then you should worry less because this product is rust, stain and corrosion resistant.


  • Can be used for human waste or gray water.


  • Do not over tighten fittings as damage will occur.


These are your too 10 best portable RV waste tanks. You can make your preferred choice out of these ones we have taken out time to review. If you’re in need of a larger capacity waste tank you can go for Thetford SmartTote2 35 Gallon Waste Tank. They would offer you thorough convenience all through your long stay in camp or trailer. Furthermore, if your preference is a very portable waste tank with less capacity and sturdy wheels, ten you could go for Camco 39000 Rhino Heavy Duty 15 Gallon Portable RV Waste Holding Tank. They are durable for your convenience and quite easy to store away.

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