Best NERF Machine Guns 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Best NERF Machine Gun – What are the Best Models to Choose From?

best nerf machine gun

Trust me when i say there is no outdoor activity as fun as shooting your friends with the best NERF machine gun.

These guns have no age limit and can be used by adults. I often play with my kids with these guns during the weekends or the holidays and its a whole lot fun, trust me. They come in various sizes and varying number of darts to chose from.

My best so far is the mega mastodon as it makes me feel like am in a war movie fighting enemies lol!!. They are quite inexpensive and can be used in all homes.

NERF Machine Guns are the blasters of choice for those who want to take part in fun shooting games with friends and family members, colleagues, neighbors etc. This Nerf Gun Machine Guns are safe to use by adults and children. Here is a review of the 10 best NERF Machine Gun models that you can choose from for your super mega fun activities.

Nerf N Strike Elite Guns

1. NERF Rampage N Strike Elite (Best Budget Nerf)

NERF Rampage N-Strike Elite

This NERF ELITE gun is ever ready to take targets out and claim victory. It is simple in operations. The elite nerf drum can be filled up with 25 Nerf Elite Darts, and the drum has to be inserted into the gun. Then, you have to pump the front grip, aim the gun at the target and pull the trigger for firing the darts.

The pump action is of shotgun style, and the drum has good capacity with the ability to hold 25 darts. You can run easily while holding the Nerf Rampage, although it is heavy in form. Once you hold the trigger down, you can pump very quickly. With each pump, you can fire a fresh Nerf Elite Dart.

This nerf n strike elite guns come with SlamFire feature, which makes it capable of surviving every slam it encounters. Although the Nerf Rampage is slightly heavy, you will not face any issues in firing darts and getting more precise shots. The gun has been rated to be used by people 8+ years of age. But anyone can use the gun with accurate shooting and proper safety training. You can use the gun anywhere, whether at home, in the office area, picnic spots or more. Whether single shots or slamfire, everything is possible. This is indeed one of the best Machine Gun models in the market.



2. NERF N Strike Elite Hyperfire Blaster (Editors Choice)

NERF N-Strike Elite Hyperfire Blaster

This is a sophisticated Nerf elite gun that is able to shoot 5 darts at once in just one shot, making it hard for others to beat you. The state of the art dart gun can be wonderful for family fights. The gun has been inventively designed, and is fully automatic in operations.

The Nerf n strike elite blaster has a durable construction and even younger children can find it more convenient to hold and use it. You can shoot darts as far as 90 feet and enjoy more precision and coverage. It is powered by 4D batteries. The battery chamber is at the rear end, and helps balance the gun very well as well as aids it in offering peak performance.

The dart drum has a capacity to hold a total of 25 darts. The front section lends a lethal appearance to the gun, and makes it appear sporty. The darts that you fire can reach as far as 10 m in the manual mode but 5 to 6 m in the automatic mode. The ability to fire multiple darts at one go helps you get a tactical advantage over competitors. Rather than an updated conveyor belt technology, it uses a pusher stick system.



3. NERF N-Strike Mega Mega Mastodon (Editors Choice)

best nerf machine gun nerf mega mastodonThis is a Mega Nerf gun that has a rotating barrel and can accommodate 24 Nerf Mega Darts. It can fire darts with just a basic squeeze. You can fire all the darts one by one until you eliminate all the targets. It is the largest capacity nerf gun.

You can use it easily. Just get the Battery Cover out. Put in 6 D Batteries and close the cover. Load all the darts into the rotating barrel, find the targets to shoot at, power the motor up by holding the bottom trigger, pull at the primary trigger for firing a Nerf Mega Dart in full automatic mode, repeat the process until reload is needed or every target is eliminated. If you want to get the best performance, substitute the batteries when you notice a lack of power in motors.

Despite being one of the best NERF Machine Gun models, this is a bulky Mega Nerf machine gun that suffers from jamming issues at times. It has strap for easy carrying and the 24 Dart Drum contains many Mega Nerf Darts. You can fire shots one by one. The gun is powered by 6 D batteries. Ensure that all the darts are fully pushed into the chamber, so that all the jams are immediately fixed. This is the best nerf machine gun for someone who has weight.



4. NERF CS-18 N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike Machine Gun

NERF CS-18 N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike

The nerf elite gun looks quite fearsome and has a magazine that can hold 18 Nerf Darts. You can fire the gun on full automatic mode and pull the trigger to fire shots easily. When you fire shots through the air, the spinning design lets you fire shots with high accuracy. The motor of this nerf gun machine gun can fire all the darts at one time with just a trigger pull. Its among the battery powered nerf guns.

The operation is simple. You have take the battery cover out, insert the close cover or 4C batteries, load all the darts into the blaster magazine, insert it into the Rapidstrike, hold the lower trigger down to warm the motor up, aim at the target to shoot and hold the trigger down to fire the shots. Once all the darts are exhausted, you must reload and repeat for 3 to 8 times until you win the battle. Once the motor gets low on power, you have to replace the batteries.

The size is perfect and the ammunition capacity is good. However, there can be jamming issues at times, particularly when improper Nerf Darts are used. But this is a problem often encountered with any motorized Nerf blaster.



5. NERF Rival Nemesis MXVII-10k

NERF Rival Nemesis MXVII-10k

This is a flywheel powered, fully automatic NERF gun having an astounding capacity of 100 rounds. It can fire high impact rounds at a faster speed, about 100FPS instead of the standard 70FPS that regular blasters offer. The precision of shots is better than standard Elite NERF darts.

The NERF Rival Nemesis is available in two colors, Blue or Red. It can be reloaded easily and quickly. There is the scope of full automatic firing of about 4 rounds each second. The design is ergonomic, and you can hold it easily to fire shots.

The gun needs 6 “D” batteries to operate, which are not long-lasting. It is more recommendable that you buy the Rechargeable Nerf rival Battery Pack that is cheaper, lighter and more powerful. Shots are much more accurate to take with High Impact NERF Rival rounds. These rounds cannot be substituted with any other NERF ammo.



6. Terrascout Nerf Toy RC Drone Nerf Machine Gun

Terrascout Need Toy RC Drone

It has been designed for tactical warfare on family gatherings during holidays. Its tank is small, and controlled by remote. The drone shoots Nerf darts and can cruise easily across rough terrain. It is available in two separable parts that have to be fitted together. The vehicle is the bottom part and operates on 2 tracks that look like tanks. One of the best battery powered nerf guns. It has a battery pack. The blaster is the upper part, and this is like a standard Nerf gun machine gun without a trigger or stock. You can pack 18 Nerf darts into a clip and snap it into then blaster.

The barrel of the blaster has a small built-in camera, which lets you see everything where it goes and capture video footages. It has a sensitive controller, and when engaged the drone tends to move fast.

This is a powerful blaster and can shoot darts quicker than can be expected. All the 18 darts can be peeled off within a few seconds. Darts can be shot up to a distance of about 50 feet. You can insert a SD card into the blaster to record video footages and increase the memory capacity of the gun-drone. Due to this high class technology it was listed among the best nerf machine guns.



7. Nerf N-Strike Elite Accu Strike Raptor Strike

Nerf N-strike elite accustrike raptorstrike

This is an accurate dart that fires darts spinning through the air, allowing them to fly shots in a more straight way. It is easy to use it. You have to load 6 Nerf Darts into the gun clip, insert the clip into the N-Strike, attach the bipod and extend it, pull on the side lever, flip the scope of the target or lock it onto the target and pull the trigger to fire a Nerf Dart. Pull the lever and fire the remaining shots. Reload when required.

The nerf elite gun works with a bolt action style and can let you take precise shots. You can fire shots much farther. You can aim slightly higher to shoot the darts straight. Its “Storage Stock”, Top Jam Door, Ring Sights, high accuracy in shooting AccuStrike Darts and long range firing ability are some of the best things about it.

However, there is a lack of scope here. Also, you cannot release the magazine. But the RaptorStrike can help you to take shots over a long range and fire darts in a spinning motion to get more accuracy. If the gun jams while firing, the jam door can come in handy.




8. NERF N Strike Elite Rhino Fire Blaster

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster

This is an impressive nerf gun machine gun with some outstanding features, such as its oscillating barrels that spring to action when you push the button. It begins to search all over once the button is pushed. The blaster has a white, orange and black handle made of solid, soft plastic that lets you carry it easily. The device has an ergonomic shape that allows easy handling.

Its motor can be revved up in seconds to allow the farthest range. It has just one paddle spinning the flywheels and is carried out at half press. At full press also, this nerf elite gun fires darts.

It can fire as many as 50 shots in just 18 seconds, which is around 2.8 darts each second. As darts are fired from two barrels, there are continuous shots possible. The gun can hold two times the ammunition, shoot twice the distance, have 2 times the pistol grips and the firing rate is superior to other products from Nerf. When you fire shots at an arc of 30 degrees, the highest range is around 75 – 81 feet. You can load 25 darts into each drum.

However, the gun is very loud and intimidating. That might not be a bad thing if you would want to make your rivals get scared with just a shot.



9. NERF Combat Creatures Terradone

NERF Combat Creatures Terradone

This is a remote controlled Nerf machine gun that can shoot darts easily and take foes by surprise. Although it makes a buzzing noise during shots, the battle drone is fantastic. It can be used to fire darts at all directions. This Nerf gun has a hand-held controller having buttons for every direction – sideways, backward and forward. You can also get directions to change the darts’ firing angles.

The gun can be used to shoot darts as far as 45 feet. The dart launcher can fire darts one after the other and can hold as many as 12 darts at one time. The gun operates on the power of 6 batteries. There are 6 legs that let you move it in various directions, which include right, left, backward and forward. This drone can run on all types of terrains and can also move on rough surfaces. It can rotate at 360 degrees, or at least 320 degrees.

This Nerf gun is able to climb over carpets, cables and various other tiny bumps if these are less than 1 inch in height.

It can be assembled in only a few minutes, and the batteries can be fixed with only a small screwdriver. The gun comes with a 12-month warranty from the manufacturer.



10. NERF Rival Promoetheus Mxviii-20k

NERF Rival Promoetheus Mxviii-20k

This is another of the top notch NERF Machine Gun model. This Nerf Rival Gun can shoot small foam golf balls one after another. It can fire 8 rounds every second, and lets you fire for about 40 seconds before you exhaust your ammunition. It draws power from an electric motor that runs with the help of a rechargeable battery. The blaster can be operated by 2 triggers, the electric motors can be spun by an “acceleration trigger”, and the electric motor firing system is fed by the standard trigger. Its one of the battery powered nerf guns.

The gun can hold as many as 200 rounds. You can fire shots as far as 30 meters per second and at a speed of 100 feet per second. Have you seen Hoverboard for kids


When you are going to a Nerf battle, you should be armed to the teeth with the best NERF machine gun blaster. You need to choose the right blaster for your own situation and show your friends / co-workers / cousins who rules the battle. Have fun with the right gun and shoot darts at all kinds of targets that cross your path.

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