Best Lawn Sweeper Reviews 2020 – Buyers Guide

best lawn sweeper review

Most times getting a job done can be pretty discomforting especially when there is a large amount of debris involved. Using a rake or a broom might not do the job quickly and easily.

Now that’s a huge problem especially when you begin to develop pains as a result of bending or blisters as a result of handling the rake. A large compound could prove to be a huge problem not that large compounds are not adviceable they are, only that they do come with their own problems.

A tree in your yard could also turn out to be a another huge problem to you especially when you’re not the cleaning type. A garden with all its beauties could also turn out to be a pain in the neck especially when you have no first hand knowledge on how to take very good care of it. How do you even take care of grass clippings from a freshly mowed lawn?

Lawn sweepers

Hey, relax take a deep breath, and expel it. Do you know why a large compound, a garden or having a tree in your yard could possibly be a problem? It’s because having a big yard multiplies your cleaning, the tree in your yard, results to fallen leaves on the ground and a big yard results to debris and dust on your walkway or drive way. You wouldn’t want to see dirt littered across your yard. That’s why technology has made it easy for these things to be done within minutes or in few hours. Instead of using your rake or sweeper to sweep off dust, dirt, piles of leaves from your walkway, there’s a more easier way to get it done. That’s where the lawn sweeper comes in with its durable quality designed to sweep off your lawn and give you an appealing yard.

Lawn sweepers can come in form of vacuum cleaners, although they aren’t vacuum cleaners. Lawn sweepers are just like speed rakes but instead of the rake feature, it’s a brush. They are faster and much easy to maneuver around as well.



Lawn sweepers are easy to get off with as friends. Kidding! But they’re quite easy to operate. They have been fully designed to suit the specs of what you want, which isn’t present on your local take.

You should consider using a lawn sweeper because your days of having sore muscles are officially over. You wouldn’t develop any sore muscle when you use a lawn sweeper. Another positive thing to look out for is that, lawn sweepers help save your time. Instead of sweeping your large yard or garden for hours with a rake in a bid to pile up leaves, debris or dust, for hours, you can simply get it done in minutes with a lawn sweeper. It saves your time and energy.

A lawn sweeper can help pick up debris, pine needles, pine cones, twigs and acorns etc. However what a lawn sweeper wouldn’t do is; pick up bigger sticks or tree branches.

Types of Lawn sweepers

There exists three kinds of lawn sweepers which you are going to come across in this article. There is the push sweeper, motor sweeper and the tow sweeper.

The push sweepers are suitable for small work areas. What this only requires is, pushing the sweeper while it sweeps in debris into the hopper bag. It doesn’t require batteries or motor as the power is only on the wheels. The more you push, the more the debris gets in. The powered lawn sweepers on the other hand, require the use of batteries or electricity. Although they both do the same work. Finally, we have the tow sweeper. They are usually towed behind a tractor or an ATV. They are wider than push and powered lawn sweepers and as such, they have larger hopper capacities.

In this article, we will be showing you the best 10 lawn sweepers you can get to buy, its features and their pros as well as cons.

10 Best Lawn Sweeper Reviews

1. Agri-fab 45-0492 push lawn sweeper (Best Rated)

agri fab45-0492 best lawn sweeper

This model is your right fit if you do not feel like buying a tow lawn sweeper or a cordless sweeper you could settle for a push sweeper. It simply falls into the category of a push lawn sweeper. This sweeper has great specs such as its large hopper, large wheels etc.This sweeper has all it takes to give you an awesome experience and a clean lawn. My favorite feature this device possesses is the Mesh back 25 cu. Ft. “Flow thru” hopper which fills to the brim more than the usual lawn hoppers in the market.


It features a large collapsible bag, whereby you can use and then fold up when not in use.

It has a wonderful sweep brush with about 4.5 wheel ratio. With this it makes it quite easy to pick up lawn clippings, grasses and even leaves.

It’s completely durable and lightweight if you are worrying about its weight. It has an amazing height adjustment suitable for your desired need.

The device comes with a one sweeper and of course a bag. It has wonderful plastic wheels that are sturdy enough to transport and maneuver.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with a 3 year warranty.
  • Great for leaves and acrons


  • The plastic housing is flimsy.


2. Earthwise LSW70021 21-inch lawn sweeper

Earthwise LSW70021

If you’re searching for another amazing lawn sweeper, this surely a right fit. This model falls under the category of the push lawn sweeper. This kind doesn’t require gasoline or motor. it’s a human powered device operated by simply pushing.

From its name, ‘earthwise lawn sweeper ‘ it major use is mainly to sweep off the debris from the earth however you want it. It’s designed to handle large capacity of debris/dirt so you do not need to worry about its size. It is another awesome lawn sweeper to look out for. It has the capacity to pick debris, dust, fallen leaves, pines etc. It’s durable and of light. It’s completely easy to operate. Assembling instructions are included on the sweeper making it easy to assemble.


This model features a wonderful 21 inch brush width to do your sweeping in effectively. It is indeed a great tool for picking your leaves or grasses. It’s great for your small clean us, it sweeps the dirts, straight into the collection bag.

It’s sturdy and easy to use, made of high quality, light weight material. It has a portable handle made from steel, makes it easy to grip and hold through.

It features an adjustable height, you can simply raise the brushes higher when you feel pushing is too vigorous and stressful for you.


  • Great way to take your debris swiftly
  • Easy to maneuver.


  • It doesn’t completely clear off the lawn according to customer reviews.


3. scotts LSW70026s push lawn sweeper

scotts LSW70026s

If your second job is to be a lawn sweeper, you could actually get one of these models to do the trick for you and within minutes, you’re done! Perhaps you’re too old to drive your tow sweeper with a tractor, then you can sign up for a push sweeper. It’s completely stress free plus It’s a great lawn sweeper with great sweeper clippings for leaves and grasses but they also help sweep off dusts and other debris you can think of.


This particular model, is your ideal model for small lawns, garden or yards. It’s a great tool for getting a small job done. It features durable, large tyres to get you through while operation. These tyres aid in easy transport as well as easy maneuvering.

It has lightweight and it’s quite easy to operate. If you’re afraid you wouldn’t be able to operate it, then try reading the manual that comes with it.

Although it operates swiftly like a fast rake, just bear it at the back of your mind that it cannot pick up wet debris, sticks, rocks or even nuts.

It has an amazing height adjustment and has a gorgeous steel like handle good enough for gripping.


  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Easy to maintain.


  • none yet


4. Ohio steel 50SWP26 Pro sweeper

Ohio steel 50SWP26 lawn sweeper

Not everyone loves the idea of having a to push around a sweeper like a bunch of garbage can. You could opt for a tow sweeper. It’s in fact, a more exciting way to get your lawn work done with no hassle or fuss. If you’re looking for a towing sweeper then here is one for you. It Swiftly gets attached to the tractor and does the work all the way. It’s an outstanding sweeper with amazing smooth tyres that aids easy transport.


This sweeper features a  50 inch sweeper basket. It has the capacity to hold dirt in and sweep your lawn, walkway clean and free from debris.

It operates swiftly as though a bunch of fast rake. However, this sweeper doesn’t pick up twigs, branches or even rocks. It only does what it has been designed to pick. It picks up debris like leaves, pines, dusts etc. Anything light could be swept in.

It’s easy to maintain after use. You could simply hang it or pull it into your storage room.

It has wonderful tyres that aid in Swift and easy transport. It’s made exquisitely from steel which makes it completely durable to work with.


  • It’s easy to operate.


  • Has poor height adjustment.
  • Assembling it can be difficult.


5. Agri-fab 45-0320 42-inch tow lawn sweeper

Agri-fab 45-0320 lawn sweeper

This model of lawn sweeper is one of the best models you can get. From its amazing features to its affordability, it’s certainly one you can vouch for to get your work done. It covers a full three years warranty and sweeps your lawn yard, garden or drive way in a grand style. It’s a very good example of a tow lawn sweeper. All you need to do is latch the towing rope to your tractor and drive your tractor. This kind of lawn sweepers are usually larger in capacity with hooper bags about 42inch to hold the debris safely in.


It comes in different sizes as well as in different capacities. These models are quite easy to assemble so you can worry less about getting a professional to set it up. It’s quite easy and quick to assemble as it comes with a video instruction. It is this video instruction that shows you all you need to know about assembling a lawn sweeper.

It offers a large hopper capacity of about 12 cu ft. Agri fab 45-0320 comes with about 4 brushes which is about 4.5. this brush aids in sweeping in the debris into the hopper almost swiftly.also this model features a dump rope, making it easier to dump while sitting on your tractor.

It is light, quite durable and of lightweight. Easy to lift if you want to. Finally it features durable and smooth tires that aids easy transport while working.


  • It’s durable
  • Easy to operate


  • Makes terrible grinding noise while working
  • You’d have to attach it to your tractor. It has no handle save for a towing rope.



6. Karcher 1.766-303.0 S650 (Amazons Choice)

Karcher 1.766 lawn sweeper

This is the most satisfying sweeper you can ever find. Although it has its own lapses but you’ve got to check this out. It cleans out your edge faster than you think and if you’re one who isn’t a fan of environmental pollution, then you could opt for this. This model falls within the category of a push lawn sweeper. It’s smooth to operate and easy to maneuver around.


This outstanding model requires no battery or electricity. All it requires is human strength because it is powered by a human sweeper mechanism. It’s easy to push with less physical effort as it only weights 22 pounds.

It cleans out your the edges faster and quicker than you think. It features ergonomic handle that is flexible and quite easy to use.

It’s a perfect fit to clean out your hard floors like driveways, walkways, sidewalks, garages and storage areas as well. It could even. clear your patio out swiftly within seconds.

The device has spiral dual spinning brushes just right at the edge of the machine. It has the capacity of a 4.2 gallon waste container to hold your dirt and empty when done.


  • Easy to operate
  • Completely durable and convenient.
  • Doesn’t get you dirty in the process.
  • Quicker and affordable.


  • Cannot use on a lawn except on hard floors.



7. Brinly STS-427LXH 20 Cubic feet tow behind lawn sweeper(Editors Choice)

Brinly STS-427LXH lawn sweeper

Skillfully engineered and designed to fit the needs of a large expanse of land, this model is your right fit. Made specifically in the USA, with an absolute 2 years warranty to cover up for unforeseen circumstances. This particular model is made to cover. A large expanse of lawn or a large yard. If you have a great amount of work to do, clearing up your lawn then you should stick to this. It falls within the category of a tow lawn sweeper. It has large tyres to aid easy transport. This tyres are sturdy and durable, they don’t pull away easily so you can do your work comfortably without getting worried about stuck tyres or pull-out tyres.


It features a lovely model to bring all your debris to book. It has about 6 high brushes with adjustable heights that provides you a maximum pick up of dirt.

The unit features a large storage capacity that conveniently stores away dirt as it should without slipping out. It features a high performance sweeper. Now this sweeper is the right fit for sweeping up leaves, pine needles etc.

It’s easy to maintain and quite easy to tow around for work.


  • Features a 42inch sweep.
  • Easy and durable.
  • Sturdy and affordable
  • Quite efficient.


  • Assembling is quite difficult.


8. Ohio steel 42SWP22 sweeper

Ohio steel 42SWP22 lawn sweeper

It’s another outstanding model of lawn sweeper made specifically from steel. This model categorically falls under the tow lawn sweeper. The kind you can use for large areas whilst latched behind your tractor. Produced and manufactured in the U.S. if you’re a fan of getting manufactured goods specially made from the U.S, then you could get this model of lawn sweeper from it as well. It’s an awesome model and according to customer’s reviews, it has about 5 star ratings on its awesomeness!


Of course it’s down to earth! Kidding! But if you have a large farm or yard work, you could call unto this lawn sweeper for help. It’s sturdy, large and durable. It has fantastic steel handles, plus it comes with the capacity of about 42inch.

It’s quite easy to use and handle smoothly. Has wonderful tyres for smooth transport, and it’s efficient.


  • Affordable and durable
  • Gets large work done in time.


  • None yet, save for assembling.


9. Black+Decker 40V Max cordless sweeper

Black+decker (LSW40C)

Searching for a sweeper with a class? Simply think of this as a broom vacuum. This lawn sweeper falls beneath the category of a motor powered lawn sweeper. For those who love cleaning without breaking into sweat and for those who simply do not like pushing around sweepers, then you could get this. It does the work of a broom, yet designed like a vacuum cleaner. It’s completely perfect for your light work leaving you with a clean walkway. It is Swift and easy to use, you can get to operate it when your eyes are protected with a pair of black glasses. Now this model doesn’t have a hopper bag. It just blows your grasses, fallen leaves and any kind of debris into a heap.

It’s a great gift item especially for a bachelor who has no time to clean the yard. It’s completely fashionable, doesn’t necessarily get dirt on you and it is affordable as well.


It’s a cordless sweeper, that is it has no cord attached to it so you can worry less about tripping on a wire cord while sweeping. It uses a battery which features a 40 battery voltage.

The device also features about 125 mph air speed. It features a blow tube and comes with a charger for charging up the battery when not in use. It also features a charge indicator that shows the state of your battery.

Trust me this device works well and cleans sidewalks, decks, garages etc. It’s easy to use especially on hard surfaces.


  • It’s lightweight, quite easy to handle.
  • Features less noise design.


  • Cannot use for a large work.


10. Sun-Joe-AJ801E

Sun-Joe-AJ801E lawn sweeper

This model is Swift, powerful, sleek and engineered to suit your preferences. It’s a right fit for your work. Powerful enough to to give you the lawn experience. Now this model falls within the category or a power lawn sweeper. It’s quite easy to maneuver around to ensure smooth operation. It is fully armed with the capacity to get your job done in time.


It features a powerfully built in motor of about 12 amp. Now this motor, gets the work done twice as much as you think.

The unit features an adjustable depth control. It has about 5 position when it comes to depth while taking.

It features an absolutely powerful air technology. Finally it features a detachable collection bag to aid easy disposal as well as maintenance.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Great for detaching the lawn.


  • Can be difficult to operate and assemble.




You can see just how much a lawn sweeper is needed. If you do not get one of these to take off dirt from your walkway, you might get a little irritated with the amount of debris at the front of your home. Sure you wouldn’t want to come up as an unclean neighbor.

We’ve taken out time to list out 10 amazing lawn sweeper that are actually the best for your use. So it’s your chance to check through which one best suits your need is it the cordless sweeper or the push  lawn sweeper or even the tow lawn sweeper if you so much desire one for your large yard.

Above listed are top 10 best lawn sweepers you can choose from. If you’re in need of tow sweepers for your large lawns or you’re in need of one for your yard. Then you can pick Ohio steel 42SWP22 sweeper. It has the capacity plus it’s quite easy to operate. It’s affordable and extremely durable.

If you want something small and portable one that is cordless, then I will advice you to go for  Black+Decker 40V Max cordless sweeper. It’s easy to operate and noiseless although not completely. But It’s quite small but extremely powerful to cover up your walkway. Another great model I would advice you to go for but cannot be use on lawns is Karcher 1.766-303.0 S650. Asides from its beautifully crafted design, it’s smooth and cleans out quickly.

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