The 10 Best Electric Knife Sharpeners in 2020

best electric knife sharpener reviewsTrust me there is nothing as annoying as using a dull knife to cut during dinner. Most especially during thanksgiving dinner.

After a long day at work and you still have to fix dinner only to realize the blade is dull and you need a lot of effort to cut even a loaf of bread.

Using a manual knife sharpener can even be more frustrating as it requires energy as well. With an electric knife sharpener that will never ever happen.

Dull knives can make your cutting jobs in the kitchen difficult, as well as dangerous. You have to exert more pressure and can be injurious due to chances of slippage. Sharpened knives can make slicing, dicing and chopping quicker and very easy. Electric sharpeners can make sharpening of knives much better than traditional sharpeners, and come in numerous sizes and are varied in performance. I know about some of the best electric knife sharpener reviews that can make your overall kitchen experience a lot better for you.

Top 10 Best Electric Knife Sharpener Reviews

1. Secura Electric Knife Sharpener 2-Stage Kitchen Knives Sharpening System (Best Budget Electric Knife Sharpener)

It is a 2-stage sharpener that suits knives that do not have tooth. This is a robust sharpener offering powerful professional benefits. You can sharpen and restore the edges of the knives with the initial sharpening stage and reshaping the angle simultaneously. This is the stage when the blade can be realigned and the edges can be sharpened to restore sharpness to the knife.

The 2nd stage can see the knife being polished and perfected to offer very thin sharpness. The sharpener has three strong suction feet of non-slip variety that can ensure it stays firm at the time of sharpening. You can hone the knife blade and polish it well and turn it into one of the most effective and sharpest cutting tools around.

Usability and Durability

In the later stage, the knife is honed and polished to become the sharpest and most efficient knife. To maintain stability throughout the sharpening process & hold it in place the Knife sharpener is equipped with 3 sturdy and non-slip, suction feet.  The 2-stage sharpening system lets you sharpen the blades quickly and with ease.

It makes for a fantastic purchase with the option to trap every metal filling with receptacles made of mesh. The built-in receptors in this knife sharpener allow easy gathering of metal shards and fillings, and let you clean easily. The device works at 120 KV and is designed to offer excellent results.

This is one of the easiest ways for you to immediately restore sharpness to your blunt knives. It has been designed to help you sharpen blades just like a professional, and make knife blades just like when you bought them. This has got it some of the best electric knife sharpener reviews.

This is a reliable and cost-effective sharpener, which is excellent from any angle. The device abides by the North American Electrical Standards. It is offered with a limited warranty of 2 years from the manufacturer, which ensures reliability and quality. But its stone wheels lack balance.


  • Requires just 120v to work perfectly.
  • It has 2 years warranty.


  • Its stone wheels are not very balanced.

2. LINKYO Electric Knife Sharpener 

LINKYO Electric Knife Sharpener

It is one of the best electric sharpeners of knife blades from Linkyo, and can make you an expert in restoring knives to glory at home. It has a 2-stage sharpening system that lets you sharpen knife blades easily and quickly, and make them like new again. In Stage 1, you can reshape the angle. You can realign the knives, and revive and sharpen them. In Stage 2, you may polish the knives. You can polish the blades in an excellent way and get edgy finish.

You can benefit from the automatic blade position guides that display how you can hold the knives well and ensure the best sharpening. The automatic blade positioning guide, with its firm grip, ensures that blades are properly sharpened. The suction cup feet, which is heavy duty in form, ensures that the sharpener can remain in a fixed position all through the process. It has a built-in auto stop feature that ensures the blade of your precious knife is out of any damages.

Durability, Ease of Use and Reliability

The device scores on 3 aspects – Durability, Ease of Use and Reliability, which makes it ideal for professionals as well as beginners. This is among the safest and easiest ways to get blades sharpened without any need to move out of home, looking for a professional sharpener.  It helps keep knife blades in top shape. It looks amazing from the outside and is extremely functional.

The LINKYO Knife Sharpener can be maintained and cleaned easily, and you have to only take the plugs out to brush away the waste matter. This is a user-friendly product and has been designed and developed to assist users with any knowledge level. It can be used without even going through the user manual. It is offered with user-friendly –year warranty from the manufacturer. Keep in mind it is for straight edged knives only, and is low on features.


  • It is very easy to use.
  • Can be cleaned easily.


  • It is for straight edged knifes only.


3. Chef’s Choice 250 Diamond Hone Hybrid Sharpener ( Top rated electric knife sharpener)

Chef's Choice 250 Diamond Hone Hybrid Sharpener

It is a diamond honed sharpener that comprises of very thin diamond abrasives and provides knife blades with highly sharp edges.  This electric knife sharpener makes use of crisscross sharpening technology that is very efficient and ensures very sharp blades. It has 3-stage hybrid technology and 2-stage sharpening technology that gives durable, strong edges. The device has earned some of the best electric knife sharpener reviews, and is perfect for sharpening pocket knives, sport knives, household knives and kitchen knives.

Usability and Durability

This chefs choice knife sharpener is very easy and fast in operations, and can sharpen knives of straight as well as serrated edges. The tool combines electric with manual sharpening. While the initial 2 stages are electric, the 3rd stage involves manual honing. It helps offer a very durable, stronger arched edge. In the 3rd stage, the very thin diamond honed abrasive edge can give you a very sharp edge.

It is super fast and very easy to maintain the razor sharp edges of your knives. You can use it at home to sharpen blades in the least possible time period. There is no wastage of time and the need to invest hours into sharpening, when you have this knife sharpener with you.

It comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer, which keeps it protected from damages and lets you purchase it with more confidence. Irrespective of the type of knife that you want to sharpen, this is the best tool that you should consider. It is robust and you can keep using them for a long time. But it cannot operate on 240V.


  • It is very durable.
  • Comes with a diamond honed edge which makes it very sharp.
  • It is a very fast knife sharpener.
  • It can sharpen any type of knife.


  • Requires not less than 240V to work.


4. Work Sharp WSKTS Knife & Tool Sharpener (Multipurpose Knife sharpener)

Work Sharp WSKTS Knife & Tool Sharpener

This work sharp electric sharpener is highly versatile and can sharpen all kinds of knives, whether it comes to pocket knives, hunting knives and kitchen knives. This is a wonderful option that can let you sharpen knives quickly and with ease.

It has a premium abrasive belt to satisfy any sharpening requirement – whether fine, medium or coarse. It can be used easily and has precision sharpening guides to sharpen at the best possible angle. There are 2 guides – a 40° guide to sharpen kitchen knives and thinner blades at an angle of 20° per bevel and a 50° guide to make outdoor and hunting knives sharper – at an angle of 25° per bevel.

There are flexible belts that can make blades razor sharp. It is 110 V compatible. It can be used to sharpen knives as well as shovels, garden shears, mower blades, hatchets, axes, scissors etc. This is light in weight and can easily be used. It offers very professional results.

However, if you wish to sharpen more knives, you need to purchase more belts for the work sharp wskts– which can be an extensive investment.


  • It can sharpen any type of knife, shovel, axes, scissors etc.
  • Requires just 110V to function properly.


  • Requires more belts if used in a shop or workplace.


5. Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener (Best Selling knife sharpener)

Presto 08800 EverSharp

It is from the brand Presto, and can easily be used – which makes it a magnet for some of the best electric knife sharpener reviews. This is a knife sharpener from China and consists of dual sharpening edges. It takes 120 V to work and can restore sharpness to knives with straight edges. There are precision blade guides that take guesswork out of the equation.

All in all, this sharpening tool lets you get knife edges of razor sharp form within a matter of a few seconds. It can easily be used with the Stage 1 grinding blade edges and the 2nd stage polishing and honing the same.

This is a very low-cost tool that makes use of 2-stage sharpening system. There are sapphire sharpening wheels and the precision blade guides let you position the blades of knives at a sharpening angle that you want. You can get amazing results, consistently.

Usability and Durability

The knife sharpener is a Chinese product, but has been constructed as per North American Electrical standards. You can fit it in most types of kitchen counters, as it comes with a compact design and can stably rest in your counter. It is possible to achieve blades with superior sharpness in a matter of minutes.

Going by appearance, the 08800 is similar to the 08810 from Presto although it makes for a better choice. The 08800 consists of cutting blades that work at an angle that is a little different, letting you get a cut of much finer variety. The blades, along with the guides at the top, offer better ease of use. Thus, although the 08800 looks like the 08810, the former is a better solution due to the small details that they come with.

During blade honing, it can make a little burring noise. It can also need some manual steeling.


  • It is very fast.
  • It has a very compact design.


  • It makes a little noise while sharpening.


6. Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener (Editors Choice)

Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect

This is another amazing new product chefs choice knife sharpener from the brand Chef’s Choice. It is a knife sharpener that is superior in performance and can adjust the blade automatically to an angle of 15 degrees. There is also a 3-stage sharpening process to offer more refined blades. It has triple bevel edge technology (trizor) and ultra-sharp edge select technology to hone knife blades and offer superior performance.

In the first stage, fine micro-grooves are created in order to ensure more bite. At the same time, it can also give the first top bevel to create knives with arched edges. In Stage 2, finer diamond abrasives are used over cone-shaped discs to make the second smaller bevels and shape them well to get micro-grooves of finer quality. In Stage 3, flexible, patented stropping disk system is used to ensure sharper and microscopically smoother blade edges. You can get knives that look cleaner, sharper and finer.

Usability and Durability

However, the sharpener is not visually very attractive. Also, its use can transform serrated blades into finer edged blades. When used in an improper way, it can damage knives seriously. Ensure that you first go through the restrictions prior to using the tool. As it has a shorter power cord, you should place and use the tool close to an AC outlet.

This is a unique sharpener that can adjust the blade angle automatically and shift it to a super-sharp angle of 15 degrees. Due to this process, knives get the least removal of metals at the time of sharpening. It ensures that knives can remain sharper for more time than other sharpening tools to be found on the market.

The knife sharpener is durable itself, and can preserve the longevity of costly knives quite well. It can keep them looking as pristine and sharp as possible.


  • It has a triple bevel edge for superior performance.
  • The knife sharpener is very durable.


  • It has a short power cord.
  • Not very attractive.
  • It can damage knife if not properly used so read the manual first.


7. Chef’s Choice 120 Diamond Hone EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

Chef’s Choice 120 Diamond Hone EdgeSelect

This chefs choice knife sharpener has a 3-stage system that can make blades finely sharp. It can be used to sharpen most types of kitchen blades, and gives options for serrated and straight edges. This might be designed to sharpen kitchen knives, but can also make sports knives sharper.

It makes use of diamond abrasive for sharpening, and utilizes precision angle control guides for making the sharpening process as easy as possible. The 3 sharpening stages can ensure very fine blades. There is 100% diamond-honed sharpening with abrasives in the 1st and 2nd stages. The 3rd stage offers very superior sharpness with a flexible stropping disk, and gives unique polishing and stropping.

Usability and Durability

The sharpener comes with a stable foot to hold the whole unit to ensure safe sharpening. It is offered with a household warranty of 3 years.

Although the system is fair, particularly considering the affordable price tag, it is not as nice as the 1520 which uses very precise blades with the aid of flexible disks.


  • It can sharpen any type of knife.
  • The knife sharper has a diamond honed stone.
  • It has a 3 years warranty which is the highest in the market.


  • It is not as impressive as the 1520.


8. Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

Presto 08810

This is a feature-rich knife sharpener having a 3-stage system, and the capacity to give serrated and straight edges. The smart guides manage to make the perfect for best results in no time. The advanced three staged sharpening system give specialized results to enable you perfection in cutting and chopping. In the 1st stage, the tool aligns the blades in the right angle. In the following stage, the sharpness is accentuated to the best results. The 3rd stage has the knives restored and polished to look the sharpest and anew.

It has a blade guide system that can offer exactly similar results over and over again. The sharpener comes in black and silver colors and can go with kitchen of any type of décor. It is compact enough and can easily be stored on a shelf or in a deeper drawer.

Usability and Durability

You can get professional sharpening results with the 3-stage sharpening system. The sharpener is composed of plastic and can help sharpen sport knives as well as kitchen blades. This is a versatile tool that can sharpen fillet knives, hunting knives, kitchen knives and more. There are interchangeable blade guides that can help sharpen various kinds of blades at a perfect angle. You can sharpen at the most accurate angle to get optimal results as fast as possible.

It is affordable and can fit most pockets. However, at this price, you cannot expect a durable tool that can keep you serving for many years.


  • It is quite affordable.
  • Comes with was blade guide system for safety.
  • It can sharpen any type of knife.


  • It is not so durable.


9. Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Electric Knife Sharpening Station

Chef’s Choice 130

This is an electric sharpener, and a technologically advanced version of what you can find in barber shops. It has 100% abrasives to sharpen and make stronger knives of any form. This device can be used regularly at home. It makes use of a 3-stage sharpening system. In the 1st stage, rotating conical disks are used to sharpen knives that are of an Asian kind. Hardened miniature steel is used in the 2nd stage, while a flexible abrasive disk system is used in the 3rd and final stage.

In the first stage, it gives 100% Diamond Hone and makes knives edgier. If you need to give a basic sharpening to your knives, and make them sharp fast, this stage is good. In the 2nd stage, miniature steel is used to sharpen blades – similar to any other steel blade of professional quality. This helps make edges razor-sharp with a robust microscopic teeth. In the 3rd stage, a stropping disc is used to ensure hair-splitting edginess in every blade – particularly knives with serrated blades.

Usability and Durability

This is a very hardened sharpener that can quickly sharpen even blades that have been dull for a very long time. There is a fool proof angle-guided sharpening system that offers accurate, precise results. The knife sharpener’s angle guides can reduce mistakes as much as possible at the time of sharpening. From fishing, pocket and utility knives to non-serrated and serrated knives, it can help sharpen various kinds of blades. You can get a blade that is very sharp, and can be used for easy cutting and slicing.

The sharpener is sleek in appearance but is extremely functional as well. It is contained within a flexible stropping disk and very hard miniature steel. It has 100% diamond abrasives to give a better edge to knives. If you can use the sharpener and maintain it well, you can make the product last for as long as possible.

The knife blade can be positioned perfectly with the plastic guide. The sharpener can revive old and dull blades, and is easy on the wrists and hands. With the roughest settings, it can give you a fresh bevel angle. It is offered with a limited warranty of 3 years from the manufacturer.

However, there is no electric power in the mid-slot. Also, it makes odd and rough sounds while in operation.


  • It is very sleek in appearance.
  • It is a diamond honed sharpening system.


  • It makes a not so cool noise when in use.


10. Sagler Electric Knife Sharpener Great kitchen knife sharpener

Sagler Electric Knife Sharpener

This is a steel electric sharpener that is 2.78 pounds in weight and has a 2-stage sharpening system. As per the best electric knife sharpener reviews, it can sharpen non-serrated knives easily and quickly, and ensure highly professional results. You can get edgier knives from the comforts of your house. It is significantly better than manual sharpener and can let you make the blades as edgy as you want, although you cannot shave with the knives.

The sharpener helps achieve razor-sharp blades with Sapphirite sharpening wheels, which is also used in professional barber shops due to the superior hardness of Sapphirite. The device draws powers from a 450 Watt motor of 10 speeds and can be plugged to 120V AC outlet. The motor can be stopped very easily by applying pressure over it.

Usability and Durability

This unit can be a wonderful host gift, wedding present, bachelor gift, housewarming present etc. You may also use it to make very sharp blades for cutting, slicing etc to make sumptuous dishes, desserts, appetizers etc. It is useful for sharpening very old and dull knives, and can make blades as edgier as possible. A fantastic finish is possible after proper honing. Other than sharpening kitchen knives, it can be used to sharpen outdoor knives, some types of pocket knives as well as a K-bar of heavy duty form. With just a few passes, you can get a wonderful sharp edge. You have to hold knives lightly and then draw them through sharpening wheels. It can securely rest on the counter due to rubber feet. It is very sturdy and valuable.

However, you would not like to use this electric sharpener if you have very costly knives. This is because of the fact that the stones are coarse and can quickly remove lots of materials from expensive blades.


  • It can be used with a 120v outlet.
  • It can be used to sharpen any type of knife.


  • The stones are coarse and will scrape off metals from your knife.



You can always keep your knives sharper with the aid of these best electric knife sharpeners listed here. According to my electric knife sharpener reviews, these are some famous knives that are recommended a lot. If you like to cook and spend much time in the kitchen, you would know how important it is to have knives sharpened properly and avoid frustrations that might be caused by dull knives. These are some wonderful options to choose from to sharpen your knives and make them ready to be used for preparing delicious meals.

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