Best Double Din Head Units 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Double Din Head Units Of 2021

There is nothing as fun as Listening to music at its best quality, don’t we all agree on that? And choosing the best double din head units is quite important to achieve this.

Multitasking car stereos are the next big thing today; as we drive, we need to attend several other tasks that could distract us into an accident. Thanks to these stereo systems, now we can actually fulfill these chores without compromising our driving so much. From making or answering a call, to downloading music, searching for any directions, watch videos and accurately reverse parking, we can do it with a double din stereo system.


But, which is the best double din head unit? It all depends on your car model and the features you’re looking for. In a general way, we bring you the 10 best double din stereos so you can pick out your best choice.

double din stereos in car

Top #10 double din car stereos

Product NameScreen SizeRatingPrice
Universal Double Din Car Stereo 7 10246007 Inch3.3 Starscheck price
Boss audio BV9362BI6.2 Inch3.4 Starscheck price
Pioneer AVH-X490BS Double Din(Editors Choice)7 Inch4.2 Starscheck price
Pyle PLDN7447 Inch3.7 Starscheck price
Jensen VX40226.2 Inch3.7 Starscheck price
Kenwood DDX416BT 6.2 6.2 Inch4.0 Starscheck price
Pioneer FH-X720BT(Editors Choice)4.4 Starscheck price
BOSS Audio BV9364B Double Din6.2 Inch3.3 Starscheck price
Pioneer AVH-290BT 6.2 Inch4.1 Starscheck price
Panlelo PA09YZ167 Inch3.5 Starscheck price

1. Universal Double Din Car Stereo 7 1024600 – (Best Double Din Head Unit With Navigation)

Universal Double Din Car Stereo 7 1024600

The 7 1024600 model is the best double din head unit with navigation that will fit almost any car model. It’s remarkable precisely for being very adaptable with pretty good features. It works with an Octa-Core and 2GB RAM memory alongside with a 32GB ROM. This works perfectly with Android Nougat 7.1. Users report that you may need to do some twitching in the wiring due to the installation kit being a bit useless. But they also say corrections are really easy to perform without too much technical knowledge.


As a double din navigation system, it contains Google maps preloaded on the included SD card. The screen decodes video in 1080 so it’s perfect for watching movies during long roads or even playing games. Also, it’s highly sensitive touchscreen that works perfectly at fingernail touch but could be a bit unresponsive when touching it with the finger point.


With a strong anti-interference system, this stereo system will tune any AM/FM/RDS station and play any MP3 audio, Bluetooth audio and call with a high fidelity effect. Thanks to its powerful RAM and Octa-Core system with wifi hotspot connection, internet navigation is significantly enhanced. This allows the system to easily access any internet site as well as downloading Android apps, 3D games, and online navigation maps. It works with a 3G/4G connection but it needs an extra USB dongle.

Here is why i listed it among the best double din head units


  • Bluetooth music and calling.
  • Mirror link to your Android smartphone or tablet.
  • 32GB ROM memory and SD card support up to 64GB.
  • Android and Google Play Market.
  • OBD2 + DAB+ capacity (requires extra purchase).
  • Included backup camera.
  • Built-in GPS with offline preloaded maps.
  • 7 inch HD touchscreen
  • 1080 video decoder.
  • WI-fi built-in
  • Supports all audio and video formats supported by Android.
  • Mobile phone charger built in.
  • APK installer support.


  • Universal car adaptation.
  • Great memory capacity.
  • Fast internet.
  • 1080 reproduction.
  • Supports rear view and front camera input.
  • The navigation GPS system is completely customizable and includes both 2D and 3D maps.
  • It includes a remote control.


  • Installation kit doesn’t fit well the system so you may need some extra tools to install it.
  • It doesn’t support external HD drives, only SD.


2. Boss audio BV9362BI – (Best Car Stereo Under $100)

Boss audio BV9362BI

This is the best double din stereo system for the music lovers. With 6 different music inputs, you can hear all your favorite tunes no matter where you have them stored. It boosts car’s natural sound system even for old cars, with a very fair equalizer for music, calling and video audio. Even though the interface looks a bit old-fashioned and maybe saves up a bit in external materials and it the mentioned interface, they compensate with functioning.


It’s compatible with all kinds of audio format from radio tune to latest smartphones (even iPhone 7), including USB, SD, AUX connection, CD, DVD, WMA, and Bluetooth. It includes three pre-amps connection, in case you want to boost the audio system even more.


With its powerful 80 watts, it has x4 more power to really blast your audio system. For achieving the sound you desire according to the music you’re listening, the system comes with an integrated EQ. It can be managed manually and also has an automatic option. With the Bluetooth, you can both reproduce audio apps and make callings that will also be very clear and loud. The microphone is integrated into the Bluetooth unit so you can directly speak without bothering wires.

Here is why i listed it among the best double din head units.


  • 30 FM/AM preset tunes and switch to change to RDS
  • Rear Camera input that connects automatically when the car shifts to reverse.
  • A complete set of audio/video inputs including DVD/CD/USB/MP3/SD/WMA and smartphones. Also, the inputs include USB/SD/Aux/AV/Rear Camera/Steering wheel control.
  • It includes a wireless remote.
  • Touchscreen with Stylus included.
  • Pre-set equalizer with automatic and manual manage.
  • 2” screen.


  • You can stream sound apps from your smartphone directly from the Bluetooth.
  • No other system will provide more audio/video options.
  • It works perfectly with any car including old ones so you can have a really good audio system even if owning a 2004 car.
  • It includes three pre-amps outputs for boosting, even more, your audio system.
  • The preset equalizer options are really good and truly take the most out of each genre.
  • It’s an excellent Value/price relation even though they save up in the materials and design.
  • It can be programmed to function with car’s audio wheel controls.
  • Bluetooth headset allows you to make calls easily and includes an integrated microphone.


  • It doesn’t include the rear camera, must be bought separately.
  • If you own a modern car it might be preferable to invest a bit more in a more sophisticated system.
  • It doesn’t include or support GPS/Navigation system or internet navigation.


3. Pioneer AVH-X490BS Double Din – (Best Value For The Money)

Pioneer AVH-X490BS Double Din

All the previously mentioned features join together in the best double din head unit. This Pioneer has all the audio and video sources you’ll need for displaying your multimedia content. But its strongest point is without a doubt its radio connection. It’s compatible with Pandora, SiriusXM, iTunes tagging and includes a series of features for making your radio tuning more comfortable.

The Bluetooth connection works perfectly for calls and also allows to stream content from smart devices. The smartphone integration is also available with this device including last technology features such as Siri Eyes. Ideal for very modern smartphone users as it’s compatible with the latest OS and technology.


The sound of this system is amazing, it incredibly improves the original car sound system. Besides, it offers a much more customizable sound control as the Equalizer has manual setting alongside with pretty accurate preset options.


The DVD screen has a very decent resolution (800×480) even though the video is not it’s strong point. Connecting it to any radio app such as Pandora, Spotify, AppRadio OneiPhone/Android, SiriusXM, etc is really easy and solid so you can discover new music all the time without any lag or skipping.

Here is why i listed it among the best double din head units


  • Audio formats: Mp3, WMA, AAC, WAV, FLAC
  • Video formats: MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AVI/DivX, WMV.
  • JPEG photo SlideShare option.
  • Remote control included.
  • Multilanguage with variable options.
  • Dual pone connection with the Bluetooth system.
  • 7” widescreen (16:9)
  • LED backlighting for a good night driving.
  • Standby mode.
  • Color customization
  • Touchscreen clear resistive.
  • Home screen shortcuts customization for easy access to your favorite features.
  • Inputs: rear camera, RCA, AUX, AV, USB


  • It’s highly technologic and will be compatible with ultimate smart devices.
  • Also really compatible with the ultimate radio apps.
  • You can have control voice over the whole system when connecting to Siri
  • Siri Eyes Free.
  • Best Station Memory for quick access to your favorite station.
  • FM/AM tuner can be changed into RDS
  • Supertuner IIID for your smartphone connection.
  • The customization options are really variable and easy to apply


  • Bluetooth connectivity can have some crashing complications if you swap your factory radio but they can be solved by simply hitting “forget” on the BT stock signal.
  • It takes a while to re-connect when listening to music with the car off and the BT connection and then turning the power on.


4. Pyle PLDN744 – The friendly Bluetooth option

Pyle PLDN744

This is the best double din car stereo for those smartphone/tablet lovers that don’t see themselves depending on a wire to listen to music. This is because it’s designed for Bluetooth use and there’s no auxiliary or USB connection. You simply link your smartphone, iPod or tablet to the Bluetooth system and it will stream the music. Nevertheless, it does include an SD memory card slot and a CD/DVD input.[/su_note]


Of course, being it Bluetooth based, it includes hands-free calling option but doesn’t include voice command. What it does include is a digital phone dial pad and can be synchronized with your smart device contacts. The touchscreen is also tablet-style so if you’re familiar with this kind of devices you’ll definitely enjoy using the Pyle system.


The interface is really friendly and fast working almost like a tablet with a very luxury and fresh design. With a very quick response time, you won’t get distracted while driving. The screen settings are adjustable so you can set the brightness according to your needs. It’s compatible with almost any audio format and it will provide a very fair radio tuning from AM/FM with 30 stations pre-set memory.


Even though it’s suitable for watching videos, the 7” widescreen (16:9) is not fully HD but 800×400 resolutions. The good news is that it supports almost any video format and disc support for the old-fashioned.


The Bluetooth connection is solid so you won’t have to skip on your streaming and the calls are very clear too.

Here is why i listed it among the best double din car stereos


  • Really friendly interface
  • The cd port reads DVD/VCD/CD/CD-R/CD-RW formats.
  • The audio/video support is wide, including JPEG, MP3, MP4, AVI, WAV
  • It includes a remote control.
  • Rear camera input.
  • Anti-shock mechanism
  • The built-in microphone makes it easy to make phone calls while driving.
  • You can adjust the screen lightning so it’s suitable for night driving.
  • RCA input/output
  • SD card reader



  • You can easily connect the system to your smart devices through Bluetooth for streaming your favorite movies and music.
  • Complete phone call system as you can make hands free calling, synchronize or import your contact list and even display
  • The stereo supports almost any multimedia format so you won’t have a problem streaming your content.
  • Includes a customizable equalizer which is a very good feature as most devices only include pre-set options.
  • It includes a remote control for easy use.
  • Power output 4 x 80 watts
  • SD card support up to 32GB
  • The touchscreen is very sensitive and easy to use.
  • Has USB drive port.


  • Doesn’t have an aux input of any kind.
  • It does not include app or game support.
  • Doesn’t include any GPS option neither support downloading them.
  • Not fully HD screen.
  • The CD/VCD player ejects when you hit the volume buttons at a time which can easily cause a distraction if pressed by accident when driving.
  • The sound is a bit fuzzy.


5. Jensen VX4022 – (For App Lovers)

Jensen VX4022

This is a complete sound car system and it’s not between the top #5 best double din stereos because it lacks GPS system and gaming. Otherwise, it actually covers all the need to make any trip really enjoyable.


You have every kind of input you need to connect all your devices but the best part is that you can mirror your music apps and control them from the touchscreen. Also, it’s compatible with steering wheel controls so you’ll have complete access to your multimedia content without taking the eyes off the road. Of course, Bluetooth connection is also available and it allows you to make calls hands free.


Even though it may take some time to boot, once it’s started it works really fine with a very friendly interface. The Bluetooth connection could be more solid but it still pairs very fine with smart devices and it also can synchronize your contacts to the stereo phonebook. Hands-free calls sound fine and clear too.


The 6.2” screen is ideal for watching movies and videos and thanks to its clear display you can enjoy the High-Resolution content. You can easily screen mirror your phone and easily manage music apps directly from the touchscreen with an excellent response. And you can connect with Android and iOS through screen mirroring too.


The sound may vary according to your speakers but with the equalizer, you can get the most out of your sound as it is can be customized. See the best car speakers for bass and sound quality.



  • You can stream and control SiriusXM, Pandora, iHeartRadio & Spotify apps and more from the touchscreen.
  • CD/DVD player
  • 2 RCA outputs
  • Front panel USB 2.1
  • Steering wheel control
  • Front panel aux 3.5mm audio/video input
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • A2DP playback for Android, Apple Smart devices in general
  • Rear camera input.



  • Customizable equalization for each input.
  • Friendly UI.
  • Good Bluetooth pairing speed and excellent compatibility.
  • Easy to connect to the rear camera.
  • Good DVD controls and excellent video resolution.
  • Good materials.
  • Easy to install.
  • It includes all kinds of multimedia connection so you will never be out of entertainment.
  • The wheel controls make it easier to control all the apps and multimedia without distracting from driving.


  • No GPS support or app included.
  • No gaming support.
  • Slow booting time.
  • The audio quality is nothing remarkable.


6. Kenwood DDX416BT 6.2 – (Best Apple Carplay Head Unit)

Kenwood DDX416BT 6.2

Managed by Siri and with a direct iPod/iPhone connection on screen, this is the best double din head unit for iPhone owners. Though it may already be a bit outdated (compatible with up to iPhone 6), it works great with those models and you can even get complete voice access to the system through Siri.


It also recognizes Android so it’s pretty much a complete double din stereo for modern users. This Kenwood offers an entertainment system for your car while not a GPS navigation system. Thanks to the Bluetooth, you can also make hands-free calling and as we mentioned get to complete phone control.


With a 50watts x 4 power output, the sound is pretty clear even though the bass can distort a bit when too high volume. The Bluetooth system connection is really smooth and clear for calling, streaming audio content and connect to Pandora.


The 6.2” touchscreen has a very neat 800×480 definition Siri Eyes Control and the cd port reads DVD, CD, RW disk. It also includes a USB and aux for you to connect easily (you can also charge the device with the USB port). It’s also compatible with SiriusXM tuner, even though it must be acquired separately.


As Kenwood is a traditional brand, it’s to be expected that general performance is high quality and if you include the satellite SiriusXM tuner you’ll get amazing programming with a very clear a neat audio.


The interface is great and easy to manage and very intuitive with a sensitive touchscreen that makes it really quick to access the control without distracting. With this feature i can gladly say this is the best apple carplay head unit.



  • Pre-set equalizer with all the regular genres and an extra customizable option.
  • The Bluetooth includes a microphone wire for handling voice.
  • You can update the deck’s software through a USB stick.
  • 2” LCD touchscreen 800×480 resolution
  • Direct iPod and iPhone connection.
  • DVD/CD/RW port
  • AM/FM tuner
  • Built-in controls for iOS products
  • Pandora control for Android and iPhone
  • Rear AV input
  • Instruction manual
  • Parking brake wire.
  • 50 watts x 4 power output


  • Unlike all previous models, this set includes a good instruction manual.
  • It’s an excellent cheap option for iPhone owners, even though it won’t work fine with the most modern series.
  • You can have direct access to any iOS device and if you have Siri, you can even control the system with your voice.
  • Recognized brand guarantees good quality sound.
  • The Equalizer includes a customizable option.
  • You can stream music directly from your smart device directly with Bluetooth.
  • Even though it’s more iPhone compatible, it still reads Android devices.
  • The very sensitive touchscreen makes it easy to use.


  • It has some background fuzzy sound when connecting through USB.
  • It doesn’t include rear camera input or GPS navigation receiver.


7. Pioneer FH-X720BT – (Best Selling Head Unit)

Pioneer FH-X720BT

With Pioneer’s Mixtrax technology you can have a party experience inside your car with a non-stop mixing of all your tunes and special DJ effects. The intuitive technology literally includes DJ transitions and effects while mixing the song taken from the USB port, Android, iOS, and other devices.

If this wasn’t enough, you can include the Pandora application for discovering new music and also mix it with music you already love. This app also allows you to bookmark your favorite music and give thumbs up or down with an easy touch on your touchscreen.

It also includes an app compatibility mode that allows you to download different applications from a connected iPhone or iPod touch (with a limited control). As well as the hands-free Bluetooth connection there’re direct iOS controls on the screen for an easy managing of these devices.


This double din unit displays very well all kind of audio formats with a clear sound. It’s easy to connect to any device to the Bluetooth and it also includes several phone options such as synchronizing contacts, Wireless audio streaming, voice recognition, etc.


The USB mode works really great and allows you to easily switch from random to repeat mode, and even going back without extra complications. The app mode is not so great even though it works with regular apps such as iHeart or Youtube.


You also have a CD receiver port for some old fashion music display but as it doesn’t include any screen, you can’t watch DVD or videos. The equalizer allows 5-band graphic options.



  • Built-in MOSFET 50 watts x 4 amplifiers.
  • Mixtrax technology.
  • Pandora control access.
  • App mode.
  • Bluetooth hands-free calling with an enhanced calling quality reception.
  • USB direct control to iOS devices.
  • Color customization.
  • Wireless control
  • 2 RCA pre-outs
  • Front USB port and AUX.


  • Bluetooth connection is flawless and takes almost no time in connecting when turning on the vehicle.
  • Great call quality with dim notification for low signal.
  • With the customizable equalization option, you can adapt the audio settings.
  • The LCD screen displays radio station and tune tracks information.
  • The USB port also charges the device.
  • You can synchronize your contacts from your iOS or Android device.
  • Pandora automatic controls.
  • Anti-dust design


  • It’s a device made only for audio purposes doesn’t include any kind of DVD, video or gaming option.
  • It lacks Android specifications, mostly made for iPhone use.


8. BOSS Audio BV9364B Double Din – (For the multitasking)

BOSS Audio BV9364B Double Din

This powerful system is on the top 10 best double din head units thanks to its complete set of features and the great 80 watts x 4 Max power audio to all pre-amps (front, rear, and sub). Also, you can connect other screens so the video content can be displayed for the whole family while traveling.


With that multi-screen connection, you can also manage your calling and phone book in an easy way without interrupting the video display. Unfortunately, this unit is not so useful when it comes to iPhone interconnectivity or control use. Nevertheless, you can stream music from your smart device and apps through the Bluetooth system.


The good news is that you can connect your audio/video content through several inputs so you won’t have problems with displaying multimedia files.


The general performance is very good, as well as the BT connection that allows you to control Pandora and even Youtube. The BT call pairing is very intuitive and can recognize your calls if you enter the car with the phone on and turn on the radio (just be careful with the volume).


DVD players work fine but will only display stereo audio, which is not a big deal. The built-in amp allows playing audio in higher volume levels without distortion, ideal for bass lovers. The equalization system is not customizable so you’ll have to adapt to the pre-set options.


This system is a fair unit that will cover all the basic needs of a car sound system but it’s not top-of-the-line. Nevertheless, its 80 watts x 4 max power gives it the loudness it needs.



  • Inputs: Micro SD, USB, Aux, AV, Rear Camera, Steering wheel controls.
  • Outputs: video, front, rear, & sub pre-amps
  • Wireless remote included.
  • External Bluetooth microphone
  • Touch pen for an easy use of the touchscreen.
  • AM/FM tuner with RDS switchable option.
  • Format support for DVD/CD/USB/SD/WMA/MP3 and Smartphones.
  • 2” touchscreen monitor.
  • Skip protection for music.
  • GPS receiver software



  • You can connect more than one screen at a time so you can turn your DVD display into a full family entertainment system.
  • Very responsive touchscreen would only need a small tap from the Stylus to work instantly.
  • It includes all kinds of connection input so you can hear your music and play your videos no matter what’s your device.
  • The radio tuner can be switched to European stations.
  • You can connect music apps such as spottily thanks to the BT streaming function.
  • The wireless remote and wheel controls are good for avoiding distraction while driving
  • SD card up to 32 GB


  • Touchscreen sensor may need some calibrating depending on the finger pressing, better if used with the included Stylus.
  • The rear camera is not included.
  • If you left the radio on a high volume and connect the BT calling, it will display with the radio volume.


9. Pioneer AVH-290BT – (Best Double Din Touch Screen Radio)

Pioneer AVH-290BT

This is maybe the easiest device to manage on our best double din touch screen reviews, as the interface is quite simple and with a very clear display of all the functionalities. Also, buttons are big enough so you won’t accidentally hit other functions while driving.


Even though the functions are basic, the fact they’re so clearly defined makes it comfortable and avoid confusion with more features than you really need. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to stream your favorite music apps from your smart device through Bluetooth connection, as well as connecting your iPod or iPhone to plug and listen with the USB port.


You also get a DVD receiver even though this is not it’s most remarkable feature but may be of help in case of having a kid on the car. The Touchscreen displays multimedia information such as artist, track or radio stations.


It works generally fine. As we mentioned this model is ideal for those ones who want a good performance without complications. It really boosts stock sound systems. With the pre-set equalizer you can get an even better sound depending on the music genre.


The Bluetooth connection is pretty solid; the calls are always clear and it has a good streaming reception. The microphone for calling is not wireless but the wire is really long and comfortable. Pandora can be controlled from the head unit and also with the steering wheel controls.



  • Backup Camera input
  • Rear and front RCA input.
  • 2” WGA touch screen panel with LED backlight.
  • Multimedia DVD receiver.
  • Steering Wheel Controls.
  • Aux and USB inputs
  • FM/AM quality reception.
  • USB port also charges the device.



  • Very simple to use and install.
  • Features are very clear.
  • Covers all basic necessities.
  • Easy connection with iPod and iPhone.
  • Bluetooth automatic connection to phone calls.
  • Significantly increases performance on stock speakers.
  • Even though the equalizer can’t be customizable, it’s useful.


  • If you arrange your music into different folders, the Bluetooth connection may not read them all, it’s recommended that you store all your music in a single folder.
  • The screen might not be as clear as needed when too much sunlight.
  • The AUX input is on the back so it may be a bit uncomfortable to actually connect the devices.
  • It doesn’t include the rear camera.
  • No GPS available.


10. Panlelo PA09YZ16 – Universal and complete

Panlelo PA09YZ16

This Panlelo is on our top 10 list of the best double din car stereos because it integrates all the features on both previous models. It’s as universal and complete as the “7 1024600” with all the audio/video support of the Boss Audio. As it’s very wide, you’ll have to make sure it fits your car slot but in case it doesn’t, the company offers. The Panlelo supports Android 5.1 OS so it’s a really fair technologic piece that will bring a very friendly and useful interface.


It’s compatible with all kinds of audio and video formats so you can practically connect any kind of dispositive. For a better navigation, the system includes pre-set GPS maps that can be adapted to your route even when offline. And also support other online navigating systems. It even supports screen mirror in case you navigate with your smartphone but need to see directions on a wider screen.

Here is why it was listed among the best double din car radios:


Thanks to Its quick response, wi-fi connection, 1GB RAM memory, and Quad Core CPU, it’s perfectly suitable for playing 3D games and even using apps. The Android system allows it to run smoothly and fast with a responsive interface for audio, video and navigating systems. It also includes a built-in Bluetooth for excellent hands-free calling connection.


A very stable reception for all kinds of radio tunes FM/AM/RDS. It includes two options for connecting with Android devices and one for iOS. It supports all kinds of devices including iPods, tablets, and smartphones.



  • 2 Din 7” (16:9) touchscreen with super high definition (1024×600)
  • Integrates 16GB memory.
  • Android 5.1 OS
  • Mirror link for connecting smartphones and tablets.
  • Built-in Bluetooth for calling.
  • Integrated offline GPS maps and GPS receiver for connecting to online navigating systems.
  • Front SD input, rear USB and AV input, back camera input.
  • 2 channel video output, 1 RCA (2.1) output, 4 x 45 power output.
  • Equalizer with 6 pre-set options.
  • Apps and games support (Google Play Market)
  • Supports all kinds of video/audio formats



  • It includes a wide HD rear camera that will depict two stopping lines on screen the moment the car goes into reverse mode.
  • The offline GPS is very intuitive and compatible with your route. It includes pre-set American directions.
  • It supports steering wheel controls for an easy use.
  • Included 16Gb SD card allows you to download music and videos.
  • You can play 3D games and install all the apps necessary for a business person (including emails and document reading applications).
  • It supports all kinds of audio formats including WAV/MP3/WMA/APE, etc.
  • It supports all kinds of video formats including MP4/RMVB/MPEG/WMV/MOV/AVI, etc.
  • The great resolution allows you to watch maps, videos and rear camera in a very clear way.
  • Support other media player apps that can be directly downloaded from Play Store.
  • Build in Wi-Fi
  • Volume/fader/Tremble/Balance and bass control equalizer options allow you to get the most out of every music genre.


  • Even though the system is powerful it only counts with 1GB RAM so it can slow down if you download too many apps.
  • Heavy battery consumption when using the car off..
  • The backup camera needs to be carefully installed or it will stop working.


Final Thoughts

Finding the best double din head units is not an easy task as several devices offer great features but end up crashing most of the time. Others simply won’t deliver a quality sound and sometimes all the features are useless and confusing.


We recommend that if you want a functional double din touch screen you go with the basic and unless you own a very modern Smartphone or really appreciate radio apps, you skip all the fancy features because, as we mentioned, they end up being more a bother than a help.


On the other side, if you’re a distracted driver we recommend you opt for a fully Bluetooth system and not a wired one, and if it offers steering wheel controls even better; these devices can easily distract anyone with all the buttons and lights. Remember safety is the most important thing when driving.

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