Best Corded Electric Lawnmower – Buyer’s Guide

Best Corded Electric Lawnmowers

For the modern man, the advent of lawnmowers made sanitation equipment such as cutlass, rake, etc. look like weapons of war.

If you are looking at improving your environment’s sanitation while also keeping an eye for ease of embarking on such a process, then you need a lawnmower. There are different types of lawnmowers, but the one this review is on are the electric lawnmowers.

Like other lawn sweepers, getting an electric lawnmower is not easy due to the myriad of products with different specifications, features and prices present in the market.

Most people do not know about lawnmowers not to talk of corded electric types due to the absence of information. To combat this, we assembled the 10 best corded electric lawn mower which will ease your search.

Below is our review on chosen corded electric lawnmowers based on what we saw, and the reviews of people that have and are using each product.

1.Bosch Rotak 32R Electric Rotary Lawnmower with 32 cm Cutting Width

This is the best lawnmower I have seen. It combines beauty (if you want to complement your sense of style) and specifications that make it top class.

It looks sophisticated and gives an air of professionalism, but people of the right physical quality can easily use it. I operated this product, and I love what I saw.

It is a beautiful lawnmower, small, with a low weight (about 6.8kg), and users can easily and manoeuvre it while mowing. The relation between size and efficiency might be a question, but I will say that it is only ideal if you want to cut a small area due to the 32cm cutting width. Large areas will require more work or a larger lawnmower.

The small size does not affect the efficiency of the lawnmower. Many people expect the small size to have reduced features, but it boasts of exceptional features such as 1200W powered motor, a grass comb and a grass bag.

Being a corded electric lawnmower comes with some limitations. One thing user might find it hard to deal with is needing a power source capable of delivering the required power before use. This limitation reduces the area it can cut efficiently.


  • It has a light weight –
  • It has a sense of style –
  • Quality and Efficiency –
  • It has a metal blade


  • Disassembling can be stressful
  • Ideal only for small-sized gardens
  • Limited adjustments


The Bosch Rotak 32R is the right lawnmower if you want a product easy to handle and capable of cutting a small area. The product is also ideal due to being electric is eco-friendly with no noise and emission of toxic gases.


2. Hyundai HYM3200E Electric Lawnmower

Hyundai products have elegance and quality, whether as cars or lawnmowers, a considerable percentage of their products lies in the top corners of many ranking lists. No wonder the second lawnmower we are dealing with is the Hyundai HYM3200E electric lawnmower.

Do not let the sophistication of the design fool you. Here you have a machine that can do many things, although, like any other product, it comes with its own limitations.

It is small and weighs 8.8kg, which ensures good handling while mowing and easy disassembling after cleaning. It is ideal for individuals who know the risks associated with using a lawnmower, whether young or old. See best walk behind mower for hills 2020.

The unit comes with limitations such as restriction on how you utilize it while mowing, but there is an improvement in the design in the form of 10m long power cable that can cover small and medium-sized gardens

It features a Hyundai motor rated at 1000watts which is not that powerful on comparison with other, three cut height that that decides how lowered users want the grass (25mm, 45mm and 75mm, and a 25-litre grass bag that allows them to spend less time emptying and more time mowing.


  • It has a lightweight –
  • Quality and Efficiency –
  • Three cut height


  • Assembling can be an issue
  • It is only ideal for small yards


The Hyundai HYM3200E Electric Lawnmower is the right lawnmower if you are looking for quality, efficiency, and something to complete your style. With its ancestry, motor power, blade design, and other features, it ranks as one of the best for you to get.



3. Flymo EasiMow 380R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower – 38cm

Flymo products are not that popular, but they stand out and can match many others on this list in terms of quality and design. It has all the features of the others, albeit in improved forms.

Like others, it is small, which makes it easy to handle during operation. While working with one, I noticed the ease at which I could manoeuvre the whole machine using the dual-level handle while mowing. The small size and the corded engine show that if you have a big garden, you will need to do more work or get a bigger lawnmower.

Like other corded electric lawnmower users will have to look for a power source capable of powering the lawnmower over a power cable length of 10 meters. This means that it can only cover small gardens and yards.

It has a 1600W power rated motor that ensures ease while mowing. Unlike the others, it can mow grasses that are higher and tougher with inconsiderable ease, and together with the 45 litres grass box and 20-60mm cutting height, it allows users to take more time mowing instead of disposing of already cut grasses.


  • The device has a powerful motor            –
  • It has a battery –
  • The unit has 5 cutting height
  • It has a larger cutting width


  • It is only ideal for small spaces
  • Assembling can be an issuecheck-price-on-amazon


4. Hyundai HYM3800E Electric Lawnmower with Roller & Mulching Included

Another Hyundai product is here with quality inscribed on it. Although it looks like a toy, with the fancy tires and sports car design, it is a very powerful lawnmower capable of cutting tough and high grass with ease.

Looking at the features, you will see that this lawnmower is extraordinary. When you compare it to the Hyundai HYM3200E, you will see many differences. Hyundai seems to be more into eco-friendly products, ease of operation, and ease of maintenance, evident in the oil-free and air filter-free design.

It is moderate and compact necessitating much work for the users if they want to mow a large area, and with its compactness, it improves storage.

The unit weighs 12.5kg, but the big wheels and the handles included makes it easy to manoeuvre to any part of the yard.

It is easy to assemble, which means that in no time you have a machine ready to work. The toy-like lawnmower comes with a 1600W motor, and together with 30liters grass box, 38cm cutting width, and 5 cutting heights, mowing becomes very easy.


  • It has a very powerful motor            –
  • Has a variable cutting height –
  • It comes with a mulching feature
  • Has a 3-year warranty


  • The grass box is easy to block by grass
  • The mulching feature has issues


While I won’t rule out the idea of you being strong to use it, people that use the Hyundai HYM3800E praise its reliability and durability. With its powerful motor and other features, it ranks top among the best corded electric lawnmowers



5. Murray 2691584 EC370 37 cm Electric Corded Lawn Mower

I call this product the viper, and like others, we have something to like and hate about it. The features are like the others, for example, it has a powerful 1600W motor, a larger grass bag, and 7-cutting heights cut (25mm to 75mm). Unlike others, what makes this product unique is its mechanics of working

The 1600W powered motor ensures that tall, short, and tough grasses fall prey to the blades, thereby increasing productivity. It has the grass bag and comb, but this property has followed a trend, and what you should know what they do now.

This lawnmower has additions which are: a pretty good airflow, which means it can store more grasses and disassembling it is easy and a grass comb which improves cutting action by steering grasses out of the reach of the 37cm cutting width towards the blade.

The grass comb action ensures that you spend less time trying to do edge trimming in some areas in your garden


  • Very powerful motor            –
  • It has 7 cutting height
  • Comes with grass combs
  • It has a 5-year warranty


  • The grass box  might not fit properly


The Murray 2691584 EC370 quality is a testament to the name of its manufacturer. It is a good lawnmower for people with having issues associated with edge trimming.



6. Flymo Speedi-Mo 360C Electric Wheeled Lawn Mower

Like all products not from popular manufacturers, the Flymo Speedi-Mo 360C was not what I expect on a ranking list. But using its top-notched handling and specs, it has what it takes to be among the best electric lawnmowers.

The handling was exceptional such that people that are new to lawnmowers or those that just know the basics, making it ideal for people moving into new homes. It is the handling that made like this product since people of different physical attributes can operate it without fear of mechanical faults and physical injuries.

Other features are like the others on this list. For example;

  • Its 500W power rated motor smoothens cutting action no matter the toughness of the grass
  • The 36cm cutting width further reduces the stress you encounter while you are cutting, meaning that you will spend less time cutting when compared with other lawnmowers.
  • There is a 40-litre grass box and
  • 12m power cable suitable medium and large gardens alike.


  • It has a very powerful motor                        –
  • Has 5 cutting height (20-60mm)
  • It comes with a longer power cable
  • Ideal for medium and large gardens
  • Can be used by teenagers


  • Ineffective cutting action


The Flymo Speedi-Mo 360C is the ideal lawnmower when looking at efficiency, power, and speed in one product. I won’t call it the best corded electric lawnmower since that can be subjective, but its ease of use makes it one of the best you can lay hands on.



7. Flymo EasiStore 340R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower – 34 cm Cutting Width

Flymo products have already proven themselves as one of the best among lawnmowers and this product.

It is like the others in terms of features, but like those I had the chance of seeing/test/use, what I love about this product is not the simple and beautiful design that gives it a sense of style but the ease of operation.

It has a 1400W power rated motor to do your bidding in front of normal or tough grass, a 34cm cutting width ideal for small and medium-sized garden, a 35-litre grass box that reduces the taking to dispose of grass instead of cutting, a 5 cutting height (20-60mm), and a 10m power cable.

Unlike the others, this product stands out for its ease of operation. While the power smoothens mowing, a dual lever handle eases navigation when using both hands. There is also a roller found at the rear that helps keep the lawnmower balanced when cutting over an edge and still create stripe design.

The small size also accounts for easy navigation and storage. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the space if you think this product is good for you.


  • It has a very powerful motor
  • Has 5 cutting height (20-60mm)
  • It has a grass box indicator
  • Ideal for creating designs


  • Ineffective cutting action
  • The power cable could be longer


The Flymo EasiStore 340R is a good lawnmower for small and medium-sized gardens. It is also ideal for sports centres with small fields due to the ability to create stripes using the rollers found at the rear.

Based on quality and efficiency, the Flymo EasiStore 340R is something you should think about



8. Bosch Rotak 36 R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower, Cutting Width 36 cm

Bosch has a name to protect, and they didn’t fail to deliver a corded electric lawnmower with the right specs to compete in the market. Like the others, it features a 1400 power rated motor, a better handling mechanism, 20mm-70mm cutting heights, grass combs, a roller, 36cm cutting width, and a grass bag.

It won’t be ideal for me to be running on how the powerful motors help or how grass combs work since you must be able to detect somethings after running through the first eight lawnmowers.

Nevertheless, the above features ensure an effortless cutting action ideal for tough grasses, but I will majorly discuss what it has above the others, which is the handling system.

The handling of the Bosch Rotak 36 R is not like others. With its fold-down handle, it promotes comfort, reduces pain and improves body posture while working.

Its small size, rollers and grass comb, makes it easy to navigate the lawnmower to any part of the surrounding and trim edges without the fear of scalping.


  • Very powerful motor                        –
  • The unit has 5 cutting height (20-70mm) –
  • It comes with a 2 years warranty
  •  Easy to clean


  • The grass box is a little flimsy
  • The power cable could be longer


The Bosch Rotak 36 R definitely lives up to its name, and it is ideal for those who are looking at their body posture while thinking of a quality lawnmower. It is very fast and easy to store.



9. Bosch Universal Rotak 550 Electric Rotary Lawnmower, Cutting Width 37 cm

Here is another Bosch product that can provide a better mowing experience for you.

Like the others, it comes with heightened specifications such as a 1400W, which will show stubborn or tough grasses that their place is in a collapsible 40-litre grass box. With a 37cm cutting width, it will reduce the amount of time you spend trying to mow your surroundings.

It has a small size and weighs 13.5kg, making it easy to use irrespective of age and physical size. It has an ergonomic handle (called ergoflex), which ensures more comfort and less stress while mowing. The 20-70 height of cut ensures such that you can make the mower to go down or go higher to give the level of grass that you want.

I wouldn’t select another lawnmower because of the additional features. For example, in the leaf collect system, it is easy to pick leaves using the lawnmower.


  • Very powerful motor
  • The unit has 5 cutting height (20-70mm)
  • It is easy to clean
  • It is stylish


  • The grass bag does not fit properly


The Bosch brand is well known, but the Bosch UniversalRotak 550 goes up to prove itself as one of the best around. Combining exceptional and ergonomic features, it ranks best with those who are looking at comfort when looking for a mower.



10. TACKLIFE Electric Lawn Mower, 1600W lawnmower

There have been Bosch, Flymo and Hyundai, but what makes the TACKLIFE Electric lawnmower feature here is the same as the others.

The features are still the same:

  • A 1600W power rated motor, which makes mowing easy
  • A cutting width of 38cm, which is quite bigger than the majority of the others and ensures faster mowing
  • A 40-litre grass box,
  • A grass combs
  • A10m power cable etc.

What then makes this mower unique? Well, having used it to mow before, I will group its uniqueness based on two things, which are its size and the additional features they added.

The size of the TACKLIFE Electric lawnmower makes navigation easy, handling the lawnmower is not bad, seen in the way it was easy to manoeuvre. The size and weight of the land mower are small, yet it can withstand people weighing about 70Kg.

Unlike major mowers, it has a 6 cutting height adjustment, i.e., you can change how levelled the grass you want to be from 25mm to 75mm. The handle is foldable which encourages easy storage


  • Very powerful motor            –
  • The unit has 5 cutting height (20-70mm) –
  • It is easy to clean
  • The mower is stylish
  • The cable is long
  • It cuts very well


  • It is hard to secure the clips
  • The assembly bolts are short in length


The TACKLIFE Electric lawnmower has what it takes to compete with top electric corded lawn mowers making it the tenth in this article. Based on its specifications and additional features, you can trust this lawnmower to deliver without issues.




There are many types of lawnmowers, for example, there are electric, corded, cordless, non-electric types. The electric types are becoming popular for mowing because of the ease of operation and the eco-friendly nature.

The corded electric mower is more used because they do not have recharging time such that they do not have faults as regards the battery, etc. Although they have advantages, they also have disadvantages, for example, users must be careful of the position of the cord while mowing.

This review contains the best corded electric land mowers subjected to personal reviews with links towards what other people think about each product. Surely, you will enjoy mowing after getting one of them. Happy mowing!

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