Best Bluetooth Hoverboards 2020 – Buyers Guide

Best Bluetooth Hoverboard – What Are The Best Options To Choose From

Hoverboards are one of the best things that has ever happened to music lovers who also love skating. You might have come across hoverboards from either a friend, on the internet or maybe someone you know would like to get it for you for your birthday and that’s why you’re here. You want to know which hoverboard is good for your kid, you want to know if hoverboards are even made for kids to start with and you want to know why your kids should be given a hoverboard as a birthday gift. If it would interest you, I would like you to know that hoverboards are exciting in fact they are innovative piece of device that is sweeping away the minds of people.

Hoverboards are like skateboards only that they are a two wheeled scooter designed to whisk the rider to their preferred destination with no hassle at all. If you’re worried if your kids would find it easy to ride it then you don’t have to worry because with just 10 minutes of practice, they can get to navigate it smoothly with no restriction. Hoverboards may not replace bicycles anytime soon but it would when parents see the importance of these hoverboards. Let me show you why you should get Bluetooth hoverboards for your kids.


Bluetooth hoverboards either for kids or adults are one of the best ways to improve your physical health. Especially if you have been sitting about, in the house it’s a great excuse to get yourself out there and have some real fun. Think about it your kids could learn new skills on a hoverboard. If they are finding it difficult to engage in P.E. then you should get a bluetooth hoverboard because it would excited, inspire them to try new things with the device plus the music or rhymes played while using the hoverboard, incites them and Sparks a new energy while still having fun.

They are also great for learning. These bluetooth hoverboards  are great tools to enhance learning and inculcate the learning culture into both kids and adults. A child who is unwilling to learn may want to learn we he rides on a bluetooth hoverboard while still listening to his lessons via Bluetooth.

It’s also a great tool for building up one’s Independence and boldness especially that of a child. Riding on a hoverboard requires you to stand alone, remain focused and balanced. Now these, would help you or kids of any age range build their Independence. A child for instance would be able to go anywhere he wants to be it; errands or meeting friends or even to school. By riding on a hoverboard, you have helped to develop or build up his Independence and the ability to try new things.

Bluetooth hoverboards are also good for building ones capacity for responsibility. A kid for instance saddled with the maintenance of his hoverboard after use will learn responsibility. He/she would learn how to clean up the hoverboard and how to handle it accordingly. They also encourage people especially kids to play together. Meanwhile, we have outlined about 10 best Bluetooth hoverboards that would be great for you and your kids.


10 Best Bluetooth Hoverboard Reviews

UNI-SUN Hoverboard for Kids, 6.5″ Two Wheel Electric Scooter

UNI-SUN Hoverboard for Kids

Your ideal Bluetooth hoverboard for your kids. With this hoverboard, you are sure of a safe ride for your kid. It’s uniquely designed to stand out in style. This model comes in different color designs. Colors that would also excited your kids and blend with their moods. They are well powered and sturdy quite strong enough to carry the weight of any kid.


It features LED lights. That is it has amazing front lights that makes it safe to drive smoothly even at night. It also features smooth, sleek wheels. Now these wheels makes it possible to wheel fast and makes your whole riding safe and fun too. This model is also well equipped with speakers and sidelights. Making it easy to listen to your favorite music all the while riding on your hoverboard.

It is solid quite balanced enough for any kid of any size. It also features a free carry bag as well. Just like we said earlier, they come in awesome designs and different pattern for your kids. It’s quite fashionable and flashy, quite fit for kids and teens.

This model features a modern foot sensors that enables you to learn easily and master riding within minutes. These sensors enables it to respond swiftly to controls.¬† It’s also equipped with 300W dual motors for speed and easy navigation.


  • Easy to learn and navigate.
  • Charges quickly.


  • Not waterproof so unsuitable for wet weather.


Felimoda Hoverboard 6.5 inch w/Bluetooth Speaker and LED Wheels Side Lights

Felimoda Hoverboard 6.5 inch

Looking for a breath taking gift for kids or even adults? Here is one model you’d be grateful to have. The felimoda hoverboard is a perfect gift item for the person you have in mind. It comes with powerful LED lights that makes your whole night rising cool and fun. Amazing blue tooth feature that keeps you excited every minute you ride on it. It’s quite durable and often the kind you may need to get to keep your kids busy whilst learning Independence through it. It’s an awesome model with great performance.


It features a powerful technical capacity to freestyle your riding. The unit provides you with about 360 degree rotation and provides you with an awesome climbing skill that would give you the best riding experience you can ever have on any hoverboard. It also features a 300W motors and can travel up to over 6.5 milles. It’s quite safe to drive and you can be rest assured because it has passed all necessary electrical test. It’s made from an awesomely durable device that also protects itself against fire risk. It comes with a portable charger and of course a free carry bag.


  • Safe to ride on
  • Suitable for kids of any age range.


  • None yet

JOLEGE Hoverboard, 6.5” Two-Wheel Self Balancing Hoverboards (Editors choice)

JOLEGE Hoverboard, 6.5

What fascinates me about about this model is its smartness. The hoverboard comes in diverse colors and unique qualities. A kind of hoverboard that catches the fancy if kids. Although this is a hoverboard specifically designed for kids and adults. The hoverboard is user friendly and even environmental friendly. Quite easy to drive. Armed with intelligent sensors and two LED lights at the front of board.


It features a durable and sturdy smart wheels measuring 6.5 inches. It’s designed to equip your safety and give you a well protected, balanced smooth ride. It has certified battery protection system. Which makes the engine safe for control. It has a wonderful resistant battery that assures you of safety while you enjoy your driving experience.

With its amazing feature designs, you could most certainly pack it up and use as gifts for both kids and adults while they enjoy their safe time with this wonderful hoverboard.


  • Has smart Bluetooth speaker.


  • No review yet.

CBD Bluetooth Hoverboard for Kids

CBD Bluetooth Hoverboard

This 6.5 inch two wheel hoverboard has the tendency of keeping your kids and giving them a thrilled riding trip. Best portable gift item for your favorite kid. It has smooth, sturdy wheels. It’s durable and offers longetivity. It comes in different colors and patterns cool enough for your kids to keep them engaged.


It features powerful LED front lights to keep you well lighted while riding. It’s wheels aren’t left like that as they also come with flashing wheels making you appear colorful even at night. It features a 42V/2A battery with a smooth speed that keeps it running even at 9.3 MPH. The unit also has the capacity to go about 6-8 miles. It features a well balanced hoverboard for both kids and adults. It’s easy to control with simple system operation.


  • Easy to operate.
  • Moves at maximum speed at about 9.3 MPH
  • Durable and affordable.


  • Quite heavy.


CHO Spider Wheels Series Hoverboard UL2272 Certified Hover Board

CHO Spider Wheels Series Hoverboard

This model of hoverboard, is one you would quickly fall in love with. Asides from its astute bluetooth feature, it has a uniquely designed body that makes you, the rider completely outstanding. It is completely durable and sturdy. So if you’re looking for a hoverboard for yourself and your kid that is above 12, then you can get this!


It’s a completely safe Bluetooth hoverboard. It has astounding strong qualities that has been certified to carry your weight. The hoverboard is a whole complete package because it is electrical, it comes with its own charger, carry bag and of course a user manual.

It features a built in wireless speaker, which can be connected to portable device with ease. So you can enjoy your music even while riding. It is user friendly and its git a self balance technique such that it is easy for beginners to quickly learn how to have a flawless ride on it.


  • Smooth, easy to ride on.
  • High quality
  • Has LED lights



  • Battery life can be a subject for improvement




Looking for a sport based bluetooth hoverboard? Perhaps you’re looking for a wonderful gift item for a sport inclined kid? You’re right on track. Cho power sports hoverboard is one too notch hoverboard you will totally fall in love wit. It’s quite great for adults and even kids.


It comes with a self balancing tech on the hoverboard that allows a beginner or amateurs to learn quickly and safely. They would be able to maintain and sustain balance as a result of this self balancing technology, and help you master the incredible act of balancing quickly!

It features a charger and a standard electrical performance which means it’s totally safe to enjoy your ride. It comes with LED lights that provides safety while you ride even at night at anytime and any place

Of course it has a built in speaker which is absolutely necessary, it’s wireless and can be easily connected to your device and offer you a gleeful ride all the way.


  • Charger included.
  • Safety certified.
  • Quite easy to set up.


  • Doesn’t have a guaranteed warranty.


DOC Electric Smart Self-Balancing Hoverboard

Doc electric smart hoverboard

This unit is 100% durable, completely high quality, made from sturdy materials. It’s a perfect appliance for a gift item or even a surprise package for your kid. It’s completely safe for kids, unlike other hoverboards that aren’t user friendly with kids. It is also UL certified, this is just to satisfy your curiosity of its safety.


It features a high balancing technology. With this, a beginner would be able to learn with ease without having to fall off the board. This technology ingrained into the appliance, makes it totally safe for every user to learn how to balance quickly.nit comes with a charger and we would have you know that it runs at about 10km per hour and it’s environment friendly.

It has a unique sleek design, a thick and durable non-slip pad that is ready to hold tight to your feet and keep you from slipping off while riding.


  • Has a non-slip foot pad.
  • It’s fast
  • Amazing built in speaker


  • No carry bag.


Swagtron T3 Version 2 Hands Free Smart Board

Swagtron T3 Version 2

It comes in varieties of colors and features a completely astounding design. If you’re looking for a hoverboard for your teen, then this is it! However adults could also get it. Designed to carry out different modes of riding to give you all the fun you need to have while on the road.


Designed to capture your fancy. It features an astounding carrying strap. This is one feature that not all Bluetooth hoverboard has. With this carrying strap you can carry your hoverboard even without a carry bag.

It also features a 5 level battery indicator. This is totally awesome considering the fact that you do not need to worry if device is fully charged before use as you can always check the battery level, if it’s charged or not.

It has strong, durable tires. Capable of giving you the feel of an awesome ride all the way. It can run on 8 mile top speed and about 11 mile range on a single charge.


  • Totally fast
  • Awesomely strong
  • Has a carrying strap


  • For children over 50 lbs (must exceed maximum weight to operate correctly.)


LONGTIME 6.5″ Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter

LONGTIME 6.5 Hoverboard

Not everyone loves to expose their hoverboards. Not everyone likes their hoverboard to run at a maximum speed. This is a right fit for you if you’re searching for a bluetooth hoverboard with a minimal speed, that has a bluetooth wireless speaker and of course a carry bag.


It features a 36 volt to 2.0Ah battery life capacity, so when you need to charge it, simply keep it plugged in for 3-4 hours until full and ready to go riding. Its maximum climbing degree is about 17 degrees so you don’t have to press it for more. It can go up to 6 miles on full charge however, this all depends on the weight of the rider. The hoverboard itself weights 22lbs so anything lesser than that might make the hoverboard work as you want it to.


  • It features a cool in built bluetooth speaker.
  • It’s affordable.


  • It doesn’t offer much speed.


TPS-Electric-Rechargeable-Hoverboard-Certified (Most Affordable)

TPS Electric Rechargeable best bluetooth hoverboard

A totally unforgettable experience with this hoverboard is what you need. It’s completely durable and if you need an affordable product for you kid, you should stick to this. It has durable tires that would never go flat and it’s an awesome device with its Bluetooth speakers connected giving you a smooth ride.


It features a rechargeable feature. This means it has durable and long lasting batteries. It has the capacity to go 7 miles on a full charge. It has sturdy foot pad, keeping your foot from slipping off while riding. This unit also features an awesome high intensity LED lights and amazing don’t light which makes it cool to ride on even at night. Overall, it’s an impressive device and lovely to get as a gift item.


  • Nice for beginners.


  • No carry bag.


Above listed are top 10 best Bluetooth hoverboards you can choose from for your kids, teens or even for yourself. If you’re in need of Bluetooth hoverboards for just kids or teenagers you could pick; Swagtron T3 Version 2 Hands Free Smart Board. It’s smooth for riding and has amazing features for you and any teen kid. It’s affordable and extremely durable.

If you want something affordable and portable then we suggest you to go for TPS-Electric-Rechargeable-Hoverboard-Certified. It’s quite affordable but extremely powerful and of high quality, capable of giving you a thrilling experience.

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